I don't know a merchant that LOVES returns, but I do know ones that make return-ee into loyal customers.

Returns unfortunately are apart of the online process, but a return-ees are still customers and the process should be seen as a marketing opportunity.

An easy amicable kind return process can turn a one-time returnee into a loyal fan who knows they will be taken care of at every turn, why wouldn't they buy from you again?

Offer Options!

Email support is an incredibly important element in making your customers feel comfortable, but why stop there?

Go the extra mile for customers by offering them more options like:

  • Phone number: You can use (free) Google Voice to offer phone support.
  • LiveChat: 3dcart easily integrates with Livechat. Check out more here!
  • Skype: Many customers have a Skype username, so why not create one for your business and offer it as another line of support!

Make It Obvious!

Your customers shouldn't have to search for your contact information. Consider display all of your contact info on the header or footer of your site ( or BOTH!) so that your information can be easily found on each page.

Personalize it!

Use personal email addresses to make your customers feel personally engaged with you. For example instead of support@yourstore.com list the CEO's name@yourstore.com as the main email address. Customers will know who to address the email to and feel personally taken care of by the big man ( or woman!).

Set Goals For Yourself!

Emails can be easy to forget! So set customer service goals for you and your team. Set a time limit for answering support questions and set consequences ( even for yourself) if you miss that deadline like 15% coupon to the customer with the issue.

Keep It Simple!

Make your return policy, easy to find & even easier to understand. A good rule of thumb is if your policy is over 5 sentences its too complicated! Also consider adding a link to your return policy on product or category pages.