Video has quickly come to the forefront as a key sales tool. With online shopping increasing by 45% in the U.S. this year, the need to add video to your sales strategy is becoming more and more apparent.

Are you ready to start leveraging video?

Here's 5 tips to create effective video to drive sales and increase traffic:

  1. Target Customers with Video

Before setting out to create your videos, ensure that you have a clear objective. Do you want to show how a product is used or ask your customers to sign up for your e-news program in exchange for a percentage off their next order?

Here are a few video ideas to target your customers:

  1. Create a Facebook video campaign featuring top selling products with a call to action of signing up for e-news to receive 25% off your next purchase.
  2. Create teaser videos on your website of an upcoming early bird sale showcasing top selling products. Have a call to action centered around the date of the event and any requirements to receive the early bird specials.
  3. Create a refer a friend video series and send out in your email marketing to target your current customer base. Ask them to refer a friend to receive 30% off their next purchase when their friend makes a purchase.
  1. Maximize Black Friday Sales (Holiday too!)

With almost 3 billion dollars in online sales alone in 2016 (according to Statistic Brain), Black Friday should definitely be part of your video marketing strategy.

Here's a few ways to maximize on the biggest shopping day of the year:

  1. Get customers in the Holiday spending spirit by creating a video sweepstakes. Highlight sought-after Black Friday deals and direct customers to your website for enter to win opportunities!
  2. Use video to drive sales from your loyal customers to promote customer-only offers and sneak peaks. Leak these videos on your website, send in your newsletter blasts, and use to target your customer base on social media.
  3. Highlight your most popular items in a video. Show how the item is used or create a series of videos showcasing these items with their special sale prices. Generate some excitement!
  4. Engage would-be customers with videos promoting your exclusive Black Friday sales. Offer new customers an additional 15% off already discounted Black Friday sales when they sign up for your email list.
  5. After Black Friday, highlight your popular products in a video slideshow or create a mini series to showcase your products. Try something like a "12 Days of Christmas Product Spotlight". Share it on social media and offer an incentive to create excitement and promote the need to purchase.
  1. Influence Customers with Product Videos

Explainer videos are becoming very popular. With the vast majority of online users watching videos, what better way to increase conversion rates and interest than actually showing how a product or service works!

A few ideas for Explainer videos:

  1. Show how a product is used. Show all the moving pieces, how it comes together, and actual use-case scenarios.
  2. Create videos to highlight related products. If you're selling furniture, show someone how your chair looks with a certain area rug, pillow, blanket, or end table.
  3. Show how a product is put together. One of your most popular items might come with instructions, show your customers how-to put it together and include any frequently asked questions you might receive.
  4. Add your logo to the videos you are creating to build brand recognition and authority.

The greatest part of creating an explainer video is that they promote sharing on social media. Customers like to share information on how products are used or how to do anything!

  1. FAQ Videos

Video is a great way to answer frequently asked questions. Create a series of videos to answer these questions. Include the product in question in the video and answer common questions while demonstrating the products use. Or maybe you sell electronics and are frequently asked how to install an update, go ahead and create a video guide.

  1. YouTube Shopping

YouTube never sleeps, but sometimes you need to take a break to update inventory or take a vacation. Make sure you are actively posting your amazing new videos to your YouTube channel to increase awareness, drive sales, and improve SEO. Tag your videos with important keywords related to the topic, product, and your business. Make sure you're filling in your video descriptions and adding a url link back to your website and/or product.

By adding video to your online sales strategy, you're sure to create awareness and increase your sales conversion rates. Always remember to be professional, include clear call to actions, and always make sure your video titles and related content are full of relevant keywords.

This was a guest blog post from RendrFX, a plug and play motion graphics maker allowing for easy creation of motion graphics messaging. Learn more about RendrFX here.