We shared a ton of tips and tricks in Monday's webinar ( if you didn't get a chance to attend check it out here) We went over SO much in fact, that we wanted to share some highlights.
Here are 5 social resources you can't miss:
Wisestamp: Promote Your Social Accounts In Email 
Promote your store's social accounts in your email signature with Chrom Plugin wisestamp. Wisestamp automatically embeds a social signature in your emails. Wisestamp is easily configured allowing you to customize what social accounts you want to show, how they look and even add your own website in your signature.

Tweepi: Build Your Twitter Following:

Tweepi is a popular unfollow app that allows you to easily follow Twitter users in bulk, follow back users who are following you and unfollow users who do not reciprocate. There are many tools similar to Tweepi, but most on par with its service demand payment. My advice though is NOT to go crazy with following & unfollowing too much bulk activity can cause Twitter to ban your account ( especially if you are not actively engaging followers). To be safe, I suggest following/unfollowing 50 users a day. That;s enough to build you base quickly and not trigger any alarms at Twitter.

Klout & Topsy: Find Experts
A great aspect of Twitter is the ability to connect with experts in your industry, press and other influential figures to your business. Klout & Topsy are two great resources to help you find those individuals. Klout ranks a person's social influence and gives you topics that those users a influential on. Through Topsy's expert search, you can type in keywords related to your business and interests and it will show you a list influential Twitter users.

Findpeopleonplus: Expand Your Circles
If you are looking for people to add to your personal Google+ Circles ( brand pages cannot circle users that have not circled them), then there are 3 sites you need to check out https://www.findpeopleonplus.com, https://www.recommendedusers.com & https://www.group.as. In addition to finding other G+ users to connect with, you can register your own account under keywords to expand your visibility.

Circle+: Easily Add To Circles

Circle+ is a Chrome extension that allows you to easily add Google+ profiles listed on ANY webpage to your Google+ circle like the sites above. When you connect Circle+ to your Google+ account, it first collects a listing of your circles and adds them to a dropdown box so you can choose which circle you would like the profiles to be added to. The according to its description in the Chrome store, "It then scans the current page you are on for Google+ Profile IDs and tries to add them to the given circle. Once it is able to do this it will give a listing of every person that has been added (by image and name.)"