We’re fast approaching the year's biggest shopping days, and if you’re keen on getting ahead of the game, that probably means you’ve been working diligently on your holiday marketing strategy. With businesses rolling out holiday promotions earlier and earlier every year, it’s critical that merchants assess their marketing strategy early.

Creating an effective marketing campaign can be downright daunting, especially for smaller businesses that are limited in resources and staff. With some effort and diligence, however, even the smallest business can make a huge profit by ensuring their marketing campaign is well-strategized and implemented.

Here are some tips to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your holiday marketing strategy is a successful one:

  • Strategize with SEO – If you’re looking to make this holiday season a successful one, implementing an SEO strategy is an absolute must. Use the SEO platforms you’re comfortable with, such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and/or Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure success.

Now is the time to start creating your holiday promotional content, including new landing pages, banners and other designs. You’ll also want to start researching holiday keywords, creating holiday-related blog posts and creating quality backlinks. Remember, content is the key to SEO success, so make sure you’ve got all relevant holiday content covered.

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  • Use Social Media – While some merchants dread social media marketing, now is the time to market these channels for maximum brand and promotion awareness. Social media is a part of everyday life for billions of people worldwide; use this resource to advertise your upcoming holiday deals. Remember, be creative! This is a fun, festive time of the year – make sure your marketing reflects this.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram, Google+ and Youtube are a few social platforms you’ll want to look into exploring. If your business caters to a niche market, check to see if there’s a social platform exclusive to this audience.

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  • Take advantage of email marketing – Email marketing is perhaps the most effective method for promoting your business during the holiday season and every other day of the year. Email marketing is a valuable asset that allows you to connect, engage and promote easily, efficiently, and across a wide expanse. Use this channel to advertise your holiday promotions, discounts and any special events on the horizon.

Send holiday-themed emails that create a sense of urgency and promote flash, limited-time sales. Don’t be afraid to send too many emails. You may want to send them weekly, one for each unofficial/official holiday, for abandoned cart reminders and of course, follow-up emails that incite shoppers to buy even more. You have a ton of options; use as many as possible to ensure your consumer base only expands this holiday season.

  • Use paid advertising – Paid search is a surefire way of guaranteeing more traffic to your store during the holiday. Implement paid search early to take advantage of early shoppers and ensure your advertisements are ready during the season’s peak days. If you’re looking to increase sales and traffic, then leveraging major search online advertising platforms as well as social media advertising platforms is the way to go.

Platforms to explore include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest.

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  • Offer competitive promotions and discounts – The holiday season is a time of fierce competition. Ensure your business stands apart from the rest by offering flash sales and competitive prices.

Create promotional banners that advertise fulfillment dates, ensuring customers don’t miss out on your various sales. Remember, the holidays are a major promotional opportunity for every business – online and physical – so take the time to create beautiful graphics and promotions that cater to all types of shoppers (early shoppers, last-minute shoppers, etc). Everyone is on a bargain hunt during the holiday, so dedicate a lot into this area to ensure maximum profits.

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It’s never too early to start planning your holiday marketing strategy. Get started now to ensure your 2015 Holiday Season is a successful one.