If you're shopping online and you come across a product you really want but seems too pricey for you, wouldn't you feel excited if you suddenly saw that there's a Make an Offer button?

Surely your customers would feel the same. Any shopper would love to have the opportunity to haggle or get any form of discount. Hence, 3dcart's Make-an-Offer feature is bound to be a big hit among your own prospective and returning customers.

Don't worry because you don't have to shell out anything for this wonderful feature. Consider it one of the best freebies by 3dcart, made to help your business thrive and your profits shoot up.

Check out these fantastic benefits you can enjoy from this cool Make-an-Offer feature:

1. Boost Conversions
Based on studies, there are plenty of online shoppers who are thwarted just by seeing the price on a product. It's natural for these people to leave your store immediately instead of reading the specs and finding out if a product is great value for their money despite the cost.

Want to convert these shoppers into actual buyers? Want to get the attention of mere browsers and turn them into customers? Well, if you have a prominent Make an Offer button right there on the screen that will enable them to propose a price that suits their budget or one that they feel is more competitive in the market, then you've got a great chance of increasing your conversion rate and boosting your sales.

2. Capture New Audiences
Even if your major target is the upscale market or those looking for value rather than cheap prices, you can actually capture other market segments when you have this Make-an-Offer feature. Perhaps you have certain products you are willing to sell at lower prices which may be of interest to others outside of your market. Why not set a percentage margin and let people have fun making offers? You might find yourself gaining profit in the long run while also capturing new audiences such as bargain shoppers and those who love to haggle.

3. Engage Customers
When you hand over the ball to customers and give them the liberty to set a price for a product, you undoubtedly capture their attention. It's certainly engaging for customers to propose offers and wait to see which ones will get approved.

Remember that in order for your store to stand out as compared with competitors, it's important to keep visitors engaged. This will certainly help a lot in motivating visitors to stay longer and explore your site more.

4. Secure More Prospects
Isn't it that a lot of online entrepreneurs keep vying to capture contact information of prospective customers? This is an added chance for you to do this. You can secure more leads or prospects who fill out the Make-an-Offer form. Even if they don't push through with the purchase, you'll at least have the opportunity to follow up the sale or offer something else.

Certainly, making use of this feature will open you up to a whole range of potential buyers and give your store an edge over others.

To set up "Make an Offer", click here.