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Thanks to the busiest online shopping weekend of the year, our Friday's Featured Apps series has been on a two-week hiatus. It returns today, however, revived, rejuvenated and packing more punch than any one ecommerce merchant can handle.

If you crave functionality and demand new features, then perk up and pay attention because this one's for you. The following three ecommerce extension are the latest and greatest 3dcart has to offer, so sit back, relax and let us guide you from here.




If you saw a $100 bill lying on the ground, would you walk by it or pick it up? Our guess is that you'd bend over, grab the cash and stroll away.  Now it’s been said that one man’s loss is another man’s gain, and if you don’t stop to scoop the cash, rest assured that someone else will.

In the land of ecommerce, shopping cart abandonment is kind of like dropping money on the ground. After all, as an online store owner you’ve worked hard for that coin but for whatever reason, you don’t get to keep it. Instead, you just leave it lying there for someone else to come along and capitalize on, what should’ve been, your sale.

We at 3dcart understand how painful it can be to watch potential profits fly out the window. We want you and your online business to thrive, and that’s why we’ve partnered with AbandonAid, the ecommerce industry’s fastest growing provider of shopping cart abandonment solutions. To date, AbandonAid has already helped online store owners recover more than $15 million in sales!


With no contracts, no monthly fees and no limits, the question isn’t why should you install the AbandonAid App, but rather why shouldn’t you?

Perfect for the busy holiday season, AbandonAid is also the one, year-round ecommerce tool online store owners can’t live without. So what are you waiting for? Click the green “I want this App” icon below the video to learn more or get started.



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Kount analyzes, in real time, hundreds of relevant variables associated with online payment activities across the globe. Its engine then uses this information to flag an order when something just doesn’t seem right.

Kount takes advantage of a multitude of proven and patented technologies based on the specific requirements of their customers, and this helps the company reduce your need to manually review suspected fraudulent transactions.

In minutes, Kount can be up and running inside your 3dcart store protecting your sales and saving you money! If you’re still not convinced, let one of Kount’s seasoned professionals give you a FREE demo presentation to learn first-hand what makes it the premiere fraud protection service for online store owners.

In addition, be sure to check out the video below for an in-depth look at Kount and how it helps ecommerce merchants all over the world safely sell to more people in more places than ever before!



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We've all heard the term analytics, but what does its practical implementation really yield other than a set of jumbled numbers and graphs that takes hours of examination to extract useful data. So rather than putting stock in analytics this holiday season, employ Fanalytics, a revolutionary new concept created by California-based startup, Kit.

Kit. is a simple tool that helps businesses identify their top advocates and most connected fans. In doing so, brands involved in social media marketing can structure targeted conversations while creating a rich user experience, increased brand loyalty and escalated profit margins.

Let's break it down like this. Kit.'s amazing dashboard showcases your most loyal fans so you can reward them for engaging with your brand across your company's active social channels. You can also offer followers special promotions, give them exclusive access to products or simply tailor a conversation based on their past interests and likes.

Priced at just $10 a month for those with less than 10,000 Facebook followers, Kit. is quickly becoming a must have extension for online store owners looking to maximize their social marketing efforts.

Find your best fans

Search for fans connected to products and store results in Kit.'s revolutionary interest list.

Organize by interests

Kit automatically organizes fans into lists based on what they like so you can discover what they really love about your brand.

Re-engage with purpose

Kit will help you get the right fans excited about the right products.


 (Kit.'s dashboard)

(Kit from Michael Perry on Vimeo)


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