3dcart's team decided that together we would become healthier.  So starting January 7th, we began our 3dcart Weight Loss Challenge.  Twenty "3dcarter's" signed onto the challenge.  We are happy to report that after week 4, 3dcart now weighs 178 pounds less.

The Weight Loss Challenge has helped us learn how to better read nutritional labels, eat healthier snacks, and most of all, how to come together as a team.

It's been a tight battle for first place between Luis Salinas, our company's Creative Director and Walter Quinn, Technical Support Manager.  Luis has lost an amazing 7.34% of weight loss, with Walter closing in at 5.95%.  Brad Sanders from our Customer Solutions team is approaching from third place, and possibly getting ready to bump Walter from his second place spot.

Congratulations to Luis, and our entire team here at 3dcart.  Everyone has done an amazing job, and we're all proud of these accomplishments!