Mobile and iPhone Shopping Emerges as an Industry Leader

On June 24th, Apple released its 4th generation mobile device and judging by the lines, online chatter, and sales figures, its already a success. The mainstream adoption of iPhones and other similar smartphones has changed the landscape of eCommerce forever. Not too long ago, the only smartphones being used were by business folk. Nowadays, you cannot walk by a line of people without seeing most people happily browsing the web, texting, or shopping on their phone. A typical dinner conversation amongst all family members may include an iPhone app recommendation. Smartphones are here to stay and being embraced by all users, young and old.

Mobile Shopping Statistics.

  • Apple has sold 33.75 million iPhones to date
  • 1 in 10 mobile subscribers carry a smartphone
  • In 2013, the number of mobile phone users in the US is expected to reach 255 million
  • Ebay launched an online app last year and is expected to surpass 1 .5 billion in sales from mobile users alone this year.
  • The most expensive item purchased via a mobile device was a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder that went for $139,000.

3dcart's mCommerce Revolutionizes the Mobile Shopping Experience

For Customers

We've created our mCommerce platform with the customer experience as its number one priority. 3dcart's mCommerce will give your customers an optimized mobile experience. When browsing your store, your visitors can view your homepage specials, browse categories, and view full product details, options, multiple images, and one page checkout. Our mobile store templates have been customized for the smaller screen and are fully customizable by you.

For Store Owners

3dcart puts your store in your fingertips. No more rushing home or to the office to see how your sales are doing or to interact with your customers. Search and view your orders, respond to customer inquiries via the CRM, and even change order status on the go.

3dcart's mCommerce is not just for iPhone users and has been optimized for :

  • iPhone 3g/3gs
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad
  • Android based smartphones
  • Blackberry phones utilizing a webkit based web browser
  • All smartphones using a webkit based web browser