JustPoppin.com is the premier destination for gourmet and premium popcorn. A small, family owned business based in Venice, Florida, JustPoppin.com is a favorite among discriminating popcorn connoisseurs everywhere. Their renowned products, including hard to find varieties such as organic mushroom popcorn, heirloom kernels and hulless popcorn, are sought by home poppers, small businesses, organizations, and everyone in between.

Founded by husband and wife, Jennie and Buck Smolow, JustPoppin.com emerged onto the popcorn scene in 1998 with big goals and major expectations: to deliver their customers scrumptious tasting popcorn, blazing fast delivery times, and unparalleled customer service.

To help the business achieve their goals, JustPoppin.com sought the help of a few third party tools.

Ingredient #1: A Powerful eCommerce Platform

JustPoppin.com turned to 3dcart looking to provide their customers with the best online shopping experience possible. Equipped with 3dcart’s hundreds of built-in-features, tools, and expert Technical Support, JustPoppin.com was able to their once unheard of business into a world renowned popcorn empire. Their line of products, once consisting of only mushroom popcorn, rapidly expanded to include Flavacol and coconut popping oil, gourmet popcorn, popcorn seasoning, popcorn equipment, and popcorn supplies.

Ingredient #2: A Cart Abandonment Tool

Looking to grow their business and increase sales, JustPoppin.com turned their efforts toward tackling cart abandonment. With the help of Cart Closer, a cart abandonment app, JustPoppin.com was able to dramatically reduce cart abandonment while protecting their margins. By using Cart Closer’s filter and offer login, the popcorn shop was able to create enticing tiered and free gift offers capable of winning over hesitant shoppers while maintaining profitability. JustPoppin.com used two campaign methods: one that offered a flat percentage off, and a free 12-pack of movie theater-style popcorn.

Today, Jennie and Buck’s popcorn shop continues to grow with each passing year, winning over popcorn fans one order at a time. So what’s their recommendation to new store owners?

“Keep your processes simple to allow you to systemize as much of your business as possible. Provide good, useful information on your website so customers know what they’re buying before they order.”

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