Quadrocopter is a fully MikroKopter licensed corporation and an aerial cinematography business based in Northwest Montana. Their goal is to provide its clients with professional solutions for all multi-rotor aerial applications, featuring an online store that offers the industry’s largest selection of multi-rotor/aerial related products.

In 2006, Quadrocopter launched a non-commercial support website for universal aerial video platforms that were a part of the MikroKopter and UAVP projects. Operated by a group of copter enthusiasts, the site offered detailed instructions on how to assemble the complicated hardware as well as links on where to find parts – an impossible feat for consumers in the US.

Quadrocopter’s founder, Flori Seeger, recalls this dilemma as the inspirational force for his business’s founding: “You’d have to have them shipped from Europe. They’d take awhile to arrive. That’s when it hit us: instead of pointing our visitors elsewhere, why not supply the parts ourselves?”

Flori, a java developer and experienced designer, set out to find a shopping cart solution that offered innovative built-in features, out-of-the-box website tools, and a customizable framework that could support his vision for a top-of-the-line online store.

After reviewing his available options, Flori decided on 3dcart, which he found appealing for two main reasons: the plethora of ready-made features, such as 3dcart’s social media plug-ins like the Facebook Store, easy integration with ShipWorks and QuickBooks, built-in CRM, convenient admin control, which allowed him to setup admin access for 16 different employees, and most importantly, 3dcart’s flexible framework.

“I built the entire site design from scratch,” recalls Flori. “It was very easy to understand the template and pull in certain code elements. We had access to the complete layout and CSS.”

Since having joined 3dcart two years ago, Quadrocopter has exploded into a multimillion dollar business, success he partially attributes to 3dcart’s reliable platform and support.

“When we send a ticket or call in, there’s always someone around to respond and resolve the issue.”

To learn more about how Quadrocopter found success in selling online, visit 3dcart Success Stories.

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