Like many prospective entrepreneurs and online store owners, David Edwards didn’t attend school to learn the ins and outs of running a business. In fact, David went to college to learn about photography and graphic design, only to be hit full-force in the middle of his collegiate journey with the immense joy and financial burdens associated with fatherhood.

In 2006, after dropping out of school, David started working on a cruise ship in an attempt to pay off his growing pile of bills. But like many new fathers, David wasn’t content to just settle for a life comprised of 9 to 5 daily grinding.

“It dawned on me that if I wanted to get a job I felt was fulfilling, I was going to have to give it to myself,” David recalls. Only a few months later, New Mexico Tea Company was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which has since grown into a worldwide recognized establishment for high-quality, exquisite tea.

David, who started his business having no experience with tea other than liking it on an enthusiast level, attributes his success to a rather basic principle: “Tea is tea is tea, and like many business, we resell something that already exists in the world. What separates us is our knowledge, style, aesthetic and attention to detail. Many people tell us every day that our tea is the ‘best’ they’ve ever had, and this is not because we’ve found some secret source of the highest quality teas in the world… but because it’s always fresh.”

To grow his business, sales, and global presence, David set out to expand his physical storefront to include an online presence, a venture he started with the help of ZenCart. Unfortunately, after USPS changed their API, David’s shipping module ceased to function, and it was decided a hosted solution that could handle backend operations would be the best course of action for improving business productivity and efficiency.

David’s eCommerce search led to 3dcart, where he’s experienced tremendous success for nearly five years: “The online store and the physical store go hand in hand. Our everyday interactions with customers give our online presence heart, and our online store extends the reach of our physical store. Without one, I don’t feel the other could be successful.”

Today, David’s goal is to have 50% of yearly sales come from online, a feat he sees possible with the help of 3dcart. In fact, David is well on his way toward grossly surpassing his business goals: New Mexico Tea Company has projected an impressive 100% online sales increase over last year.

To learn more about New Mexico Tea Company and their startup history, visit 3dcart Success Stories.

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