Morgan Sports, an industry-leading wholesaler and supplier of combat sports and functional fitness equipment, was founded in 1988 by Aly Suleman. Based in Shellharbour, NSW, Australia, Morgan Sports has garnered universal praise, widespread media exposure, and thousands of devoted fans worldwide in its short lifespan.

Like many startup businesses, Morgan Sports’ story shares a humble beginning. After uncovering an untapped gap in Australia’s market – an absence of locally owned companies supplying high-quality boxing and fitness equipment – Aly realized an exciting business opportunity was afoot.

After extensive industry and market research, Aly put together a product catalog, and at only 19 years old, rang in his first sale from a cold call. Spurred by the initial taste of success, Morgan Sports continued its pursuit to redefine the combat fitness industry. In just a few short years, operations exploded, with the company acquiring suppliers in India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, and China, as well as in-house manufacturing units.

After years of exciting, non-stop progress, Morgan Sports came to realize their business was missing a key ingredient necessary for global, widespread success: they didn’t have an online presence. Their search for the best eCommerce solution led them to 3dcart, a decision that would catapult the company into a new, exciting chapter in their business’s journey.

In the first year of launching their online store, Morgan Sports’ sales nearly doubled, marking the start of a thrilling future. Over the next five years with 3dcart, traffic piled in from every direction: high-quality SEO, word-of-mouth and industry-based referrals. To keep up with their customers’ demands and business’s growth, Morgan Sports looked to 3dcart’s professional services, such as myWebmaster service and Responsive Design service, to help improve their online store.

Today, Morgan Sports’ catalog includes more than 15,000 products and is featured in boxing and fitness magazines worldwide.

So what’s next for Aly?

“We have just launched a new website with 3dcart, and within the first 48 hours of going live, we’ve seen sales and user interaction increase by about 25%. What we had invested to re-designing our store was paid back to us within the first day of trading!”

To learn more about Morgan Sports’ eCommerce journey, visit 3dcart Success Stories.