3dcart's richly innovative platform, industry-praised technical support, and results-proven services attract businesses of every shape and size, including everything from small craft shops to some of the biggest brands.

Custom Sports Sleeves, a top global manufacturer of sports compression gear, is one such business that has found tremendous success with 3dcart.

Compression arm sleeves first started making waves around 2000. NBA players like Allen Iverson sported them in an attempt to keep their arms warm and ready to shoot, but their usage wasn't limited to reasons of practicality for long. Big sports brands like Nike and Under Armour took wind of the trend, and launched a series of limited products that appealed to fashion-minded young athletes.

Mike Josephs, however, noticing that the online marketplace for compression arm sleeves wasn't nearly as diverse as it could be, took the opportunity to tap into what was proving to be an incredibly profitable trend. “Big brands sold compression sleeves in limited colors and youth sizes,” Mike explains. “We wanted to hit the market with a fully customizable alternative that served more demographics.”

Custom Sports Sleeves launched into eCommerce on GoDaddy's shopping cart platform with more than 30 color options. But after only a year, Mike started recognizing troubling issues that indicated his partnership with GoDaddy wasn't working out how he anticipated: he needed more features, simpler control, and a wider array of design options.

After a long, thorough search, Mike found his way to 3dcart, which he selected for three primary reasons:

  1. The ability to display color and customization options, a necessity for a business that focuses on customization. “With 3dcart, we can use color swatch imaging rather than redirecting them to a color chart,” Mike says. “That functionality eases the customization process.”
  2. Ease-of-use proved extremely invaluable in everyday tasks and website management, especially for business owners like Mike who had little experience with HTML.
  3. Built-in SEO tools helped CSS secure high organic search rankings for their key terms and phrases right from the start. “We still flirt with that number one position without much work on our end,” Mike says.

As Custom Sports Sleeve started finding new success with 3dcart, they turned their attention toward their website's design.

“We’ve had more than one great experience with the 3dcart design team,” Mike recalls. “Our most recent redesign, however, has helped propel us to a record-high month in March.”

The redesign to Mike's store focused on four key areas aimed at improving the store's user-friendliness: enhanced top-category navigation, the implementation of drop-down menus, a new page layout for product listings, and sleeker branding elements to enhance the brand's “athletic” feel.

Mike attributes 3dcart's design work, built-in features, customer service, and easy integration with software such as Endicia to his business's explosive growth.

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