American RV Company features more than 12,500 RV parts, including generators, hardware, kitchenware, electronics, lighting, and more. But before it found massive success as an online store, the RV parts store found initial success per a humble sales channel tactically utilized by countless aspiring entrepreneurs: eBay.

In 2005, American RV Company’s founder was working for another manufacturer of RV parts, a business that earned a whopping $270 million annually at its peak. Just a short while later, armed with invaluable industry knowledge (50+ years) and an unstoppable drive, American RV was born. Unfortunately, only two years after the launch of the up and coming manufacturer, the RV industry crashed, and the fledgling company was forced to hurriedly sell their acquired parts via eBay.

In 2011 the business bounced back stronger than ever, boasting a catalog of more than 12,000 products. As the business grew and expanded, acquiring more and more parts via wholesale, it was finally time to expand beyond the limitations of eBay in favor of a dedicated online store. John Nelson, general manager of American RV Company, says the company’s eCommerce search revealed 3dcart as the front-runner.

But as the RV parts store continued to grow with the power and features of a hosted eCommerce solution, new demands emerged that would test 3dcart’s capabilities: “We needed something more robust, so we decided to implement an ERP system. Forecasting, inventory planning, automation, coordination—these were features we needed to help us upgrade our business,” recalls John.

American RV eventually settled on SAP Business One, and John and his associates hit the eCommerce market yet again to evaluate which platform would work best with their chosen ERP system.

“We pitted options like Magento against 3dcart,” John says. “In the end, 3dcart’s advanced API won the day. It gave us the flexibility we needed to build a completely integrated technology backbone for the company.”

John attributes his business’s success in large part to 3dcart’s powerful system: “One of the factors that really sets 3dcart apart is its third-party integrations,” John explains. “The company is willing to play nice with other solutions. 3dcart’s leadership knows that some businesses need functionality beyond the scope of an ecommerce solution.”

American RV Company is able to provide top-quality customer service via third party integrations such as GoDataFeed, Lexity Live, Amazon and Google Checkout, and 3dcart features like CRM and the built-in newsletter feature.

The RV parts store hasn’t abandoned their roots either: “We still push products through eBay, who we’ve been with since the beginning. They process around 15 percent of our total sales, and we pay fees on all of it,” John says. “But we do eight times the sales with 3dcart than we ever could have done with eBay—and we keep all of that revenue. What we save on fees is huge.”

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