3dcart mompreneur


Joggermom.com is 3dcart gem. Not only is the site's design adorable, but the woman behind the store is a passionate mompreneur on a mission to get every mom fit & active!


"I am a mother of four! We have a now 10 year old son and 8 year old triplets. I started our niche business of jogging strollers after realizing the mom's in the back of my local stroller fitness classes were the ones that had smaller wheeled strollers. I have ran all of my life on and off. For 5 years I have been sharing my passion about strollers, fitness, running and raising multiples with all that seek advice. I love what I do,"  said Joggermom founder & CEO, Kelly Morse.

 THE MOMPRENEUR LIFE: "I started my site to share my knowledge with other parents having troubles finding the right stroller for their active lifestyle. My business was started on-line because at the time I had a child in kindergarten and 3 in part time pre-school. I could not give a store front proper attention. My business gave me just enough business time and just enough Mommy time."

EMPOWERING OTHERS:  "This coming May we are holding our 2nd annual Virtual Joggermom Marathon. Run 26.2 miles in 31 days and be eligible for some great prizes. Last year we had just under 1,000 mom's from around the country enter. It was a blast! The best part we all participated where we lived....we did not have to drive to an event. I am all about finishing what you start and being a healthy role model for your children."


"February 22nd, 2012 is when I started using the new cart for the first time. I love the layout, my new slide show, how customers checkout, how a customer can actually track a package.....My site is beautiful. It is everything I could have wanted and have drempt about for the past 2 years!"

FAVORITE 3DCART FEATURE: "Abandoned cart follow up e-mails. I am a one person show. I do not have time to follow up on everyone that abandons their cart. With 3D it helps me to reach people I would not normally be in touch with again"