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Inside 3dcart's new App Store you will find hundreds of ecommerce modules and extensions designed to enhance the functionality of your online business(es). Starting today, and every Friday thereafter, our team will highlight three of those applications in a series of blog posts called Friday's Featured Apps.

We're excited to kick things off with the following, and if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.



If we told you that for just $24.99/moth (or $199 for the year if you pay in advance) that you could reduce bounce rates, increase conversions, minimize shopping-cart abandonment and escalate a buyer’s sense of urgency, what would you say?  We bet your response would be one of jovial enthusiasm, and if our assumption is correct, you’re going to want to perk up and pay attention.

3dUpsell is an awesome new application that allows you to actively engage online shoppers with unique, time-sensitive offers that are automatically presented during the following three scenarios.

  • User Triggered – When a shopper’s cursor abandons your page, you can initiate a special promotion in an effort to bring them back.
  • Time Based – 3dUpsell gives online store owners the opportunity to offer time-based promotions, which means a special deal will automatically appear after a user has been on a specific page for a pre-selected amount of time.
  • Persistent Offers –This unique feature allows you to create promotional offers that can be set to regularly appear on a specific page or category. You can also elect to display persistent offers across all levels of your ecommerce website for maximum visibility.

3dUpsell gives you the power to showcase onsite advertisements in three very distinct fashions, page peel, side/button bar and modal pop-up. All three are proven to be effective, and users have the option to customize the look, feel and functionality of each.

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No one likes dealing with sales tax. Sales tax isn’t core to your business and should be automated. You may be doing it wrong and exposing your business to unnecessary audit risks without even knowing it.

Doing sales tax right is simple with Avalara. They do all of the research and automate the process for you, ensuring that its system is up-to-date with the most recent sales tax, VAT rates and rules in every state and country.

As a cloud-based service, AvaTax eliminates ongoing maintenance and support. It also provides you with a complete solution to manage your sales tax needs.

Features You're Sure to Enjoy:

  • Address Validation included
  • Rooftop Accurate Calculations
  • Product and Service Taxability Rules
  • Exemption Certificate Management
  • Out-of-the-Box Sales Tax Reporting

... and they can even do the filing for you!

With a certified integration to AvaTax, 3dcart customers can be up and running quickly. Join over 10,000 businesses who use Avalara, the leader in sales tax automation, and do sales tax right.

For more information, please visit https://apps.3dcart.com/avalara-shopping-cart.htm or call Avalara toll free at 1-877-780-4848 to get started.

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You work hard to drive traffic to your site, but what happens to the online consumer after they arrive? Are you doing all that you can to convert visitors into satisfied customers? What would a 1% conversion-rate improvement mean to your company's bottom line?

FusioNBot adds faceted navigation (refinements) to your search results and category pages without affecting SEO. Now you can create dynamic search features based on any product attribute such as price, color and/or brand in an effort to give your customers the functionality they expect.

Why You'll Love FusioNBot:

  • Filters to narrow down search results
  • Faster search results
  • Smarter search logic
  • Synonym keyword matching
  • Spell-check search terms
  • Word Stemming
  • SEO Keyword links

A powerful search & navigation tool used for converting more visitors into customers, FusioNBot utilizes ranking algorithms to provide pinpoint precision coupled with millisecond search response times. Why settle for anything less? Your visitors won't and neither will your competition.

So what are you waiting for? Click the "I want this App" button below to learn more about FusioNBot or to get started today.

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