To continue its focus on social selling, 3dcart is excited to announce our integration with ReferralCandy, a customer referral application that helps merchants increase conversions. Through the ReferralCandy system, customers share referral coupons via email or social media and receive cash or coupons as referral rewards.

By giving customers an incentive to share, ReferralCandy will help 3dcart merchants to drive more sales through word-of-mouth. Retailers also gain visibility into their referral programs through detailed tracking and analytics, empowering them with tools to measure their progress. To keep full control in the hands of the retailer, storeowners also get the ability to customize emails and rewards, ensuring the programs accurately represent their brands.

“Partnering with 3dcart was the next step in expanding our reach to a community of 15,000+ online merchants,” said ReferralCandy CEO Dinesh Raju. “Social marketing is a crucial part of any retailer’s outreach strategy, and we hope to ease that process for 3dcart customers.”


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Step. 1 Invite

Referral Invite Email

After Janet makes a purchase at your store, she receives an email inviting her to your referral program. The email contains a customizable message and is branded with your store's logo.

Personal Reference Corner
The email also tells Janet how to get to her very own Referral Corner. Her Referral Corner is a web page that Janet can always come back to when she wants to refer friends, manage rewards or check on the status of her referrals. (Visitors to your website can also get their own Referral Corner through your campaign's Referral Corner Signup Page.)

Step 2: Get Recommended

Referral Coupon Link
Janet's referral corner contains a link to her personal referral coupon. She recommends your store to her friends by sharing this referral coupon link through emails and online chats.

Social Sharing Buttons
She can also use the social sharing section in her referral corner to share her referral coupon link on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Step 3: Make a Sale

Coupon Landing Page

Janet's friends get to know about your store when they see the referral coupon link being shared. They click the link and are brought to a landing page with a coupon code that they can use at your store.

Successful Referral

Her friends use the button on the landing page to go to your store and make a purchase using the coupon code. You now have new customers from a referral!

Step 4: Reward

Reward Email

The ReferralCandy app detects the successful referral, and sends Janet an email to let her know that she has earned a referral reward. Rewards are set by you the retailer, and can be cash back, coupon codes, in-store credit or even a donation to charity.

Reward Preferences

If she hasn't already done so, Janet logs into her referral corner to tell us how she wants to be rewarded. She receives her reward and the referral process is now complete!