3dcart's New App Store

In the land of ecommerce, applications equal functionality and functionality equals profit.  We at 3dcart understand this, and that’s why we’ve spent so much time, money and effort designing extensions that give our clients the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market.  From marketing apps to order management, everything one needs to effectively run a profitable ecommerce website can now be found inside 3dcart’s newly designed App Store.

That’s right. 3dcart’s new Application Marketplace is now live and open for business! Housed within you will find dozens of 3dcart-designed apps along with a growing number of third-party extensions developed by partner companies like Amazon, Avalara, FusioNBot, Kevy and more. In addition, 3dcart users will have immediate access to brand new applications from companies like TurnTo, e-ProductPlug, Package Bee, TestFreaks, Apptive, Addrexx and Shipping Easy.

Our team is also proud to announce that we’ve opened the new marketplace to accept submissions from outside developers. So if your company has an ecommerce-related app that can help 3dcart store owners successfully grow their business, then we invite you to submit it to the marketplace for approval. Please keep in mind that 3dcart will not sell accepted third-party apps on the designer’s behalf.  Instead we will showcase approved applications inside the marketplace while also providing an off-site purchasing link, which will need to be provided by the Apps designer(s).

It’s important to note that all submitted applications will undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure seamless integration with 3dcart’s shopping cart software. Again, if a third-party application is accepted onto the marketplace, all transactions must be completed off-site, and 3dcart will not be in charge of, nor monitor, the sale of third-party extensions.  Support for third-party apps will be provided by our partner companies and not 3dcart. This will help to ensure all 3dcart customers get the best support possible for the applications they need.

If your company is interested in submitting an application to 3dcart’s new App Marketplace, please click here to fill out the required form.  App testing can take a few weeks, and one of 3dcart’s development experts will reach out once the process has concluded.

If you would like to browse 3dcart's new App Store now, we invite you to do so here: http://apps.3dcart.com. If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.

Thanks for taking the time. Have fun out there and happy selling.


(A look at 3dcart's new App Store)