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We recently wrote "5 Marketing Tips for Digital Goods", but we wanted to get advice from a digital goods expert. SLG Publishing is online merchant with 3dcart and is the first publisher of such notable comic book artists as Evan Dorkin, Andi Watson and Jhonen Vasquez. SLG' Supreme Commander Dan Vado talked with us about selling his comics online with 3dcart.

3dcart: Can you explain/describe your businesses and how digital goods are a part of that?

Dan: SLG is a publisher of comics and graphic novels and we sell a variety of our titles in digital form in a variety of different file formats (PDF and ePub probably being most familiar to your blog readers).

3dcart: How difficult was it to set up the digital goods in 3dcart?

Dan: Not hard at all, basically the same as setting up a physical product except for the link to the digital item.

What is the best thing about selling digital products?

Dan: The reader/customer can have instant gratification and marketing on a digital product and it can have an higher rate of conversion since the costs are generally lower than the physical. The path to a conversion is quicker as well since someone can read a review of a book of ours, go from the review to our site purchase and then start reading all within a couple of minutes.

What's the most difficult?

Dan: For us the lower price point on digital is a big negative as people have become accustomed to buying digital files one at a time, meaning we end up paying more in processing fees as a percentage of each sale. There is also a certain amount of education you need to do to show people how they can consume your digital products.

What is your best piece of advice for a new digital products merchant?

Dan: Know the product inside and out. Be familiar with every conceivable way you can read/view/listen to a digital product. Tech support is going to end up being part of your job and if you sold an ePub file (for example) to someone who has no software for reading it you are going to be on the hook for telling people how to read that file. Be prepared with recommendations for players, readers and viewers and make sure you test every file thoroughly before you sell it.

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