At 3dcart, we're investing in customer service.  We'd like to take a moment to share some of the positive comments we've received about individual team members, and also take a moment to acknowledge a job well done for the following 3dcart team members...  These are actual survey comments, and we always urge you to please fill out our surveys.


Shevon Jones

Shevon is always great and easy to work with!

Andrew Jennings

It was unfortunate that no one could point out the issue and spot the difference until Andrew looked at my Merchant email template.  I think it could have been solved earlier, but I'm glad it was finally solved.

Jimmy Rodriguez

Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work!

Jimmy was able to fix the problem!

Rodrigo Munin

Always extremely helpful and able to resolve my issues.

Fulani Clarke

Fulani was amazingly helpful.  She looked at my issue and came up with a far superior solution than what I was trying to accomplish.  Thank you!

Tiffany Richter

Five Stars to Tiffany!  She is doing her job perfectly.  Thank you again, and I'm glad to work with you.

Marvin Clarke

Marvin provided me with everything I needed to answer my question, thanks!

John Slezak

I'm so impressed by John's speed and courtesy.

Mike Martin

You're wonderful... You have the patience of a saint!!!

Xavier Pierre

I spoke with a gentleman named Xavier, he helped me with all my concerns in the most professional manner. I have never spoke with a more intelligent, professional and courtious representative, if only all businesses could have representatives like him! this assures me I made the right decision to use 3dCart. Thank You!

And last, but not least - Our December Support Superstar, Ted Weihe...

Ted is very helpful and I enjoy having him troubleshoot for me. He is patient and knowledgable and doesn't beat around the bush. All the support techs should model after him.

My tech, Ted, was WONDERFUL! Very helpful, great suggestions. Thanks so much

Great support as always. Ted took the time to research thoroughly, and called back twice when we were disconnected. Thanks again - Paul

Ted was very helpful in answering my questions and concerns.