February may be a month notorious for gifting chocolates, flowers and sentimental cards, but it’s also a time when our nation unites to show our appreciation toward the small businesses that help fuel and drive our economy.

Thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs dedicate their time, energy and lives toward building and growing businesses that shape and affect commerce trends. These individuals, ranging in age, industry experience and background, represent the heart and strength of the U.S.’s bustling, evolving economy.

Unfortunately, pursuing one’s business dream is a rewarding experience that too few are willing or committed to undertake, with fears of financial loss stymieing the aspiration of countless individuals. But with access to the right tools, features and services, accomplishing your business goals is an endeavor that’s not only feasible, but surprisingly easy too.

If you’re hoping to find success in 2016 with your own online store, check out the following important factors you should keep in mind before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Launching Your Business

Running an online store requires a great deal of not only time, but financial commitment too. Before you commit your energy and finances toward realizing your business dream, consider the pros and cons of entrepreneurship and whether you fully understand the costs associated with launching, managing and growing your business.

Though entrepreneurship is an incredibly rewarding experience, it’s not without its fair share of burdensome responsibilities, many of which can impede upon your personal life. Try to be honest with yourself about whether you’re ready to invest the untold amount of time and money your business may require. Unrealistic notions of success or your workload can have devastating effects, so take time to thoroughly research and examine your business idea, competition, and motivation for launching your own business.

Growing Your Business

The key to growing your business is investing time and money into its future. If your business requires financial support, explore your available funding options, such as a line of credit, or a business or SBA loan. Determining whether your business needs a small or large investment will help you narrow your search and select a funding option that’ll best cater to your business’s expansion and/or operation costs.

As an entrepreneur, you need to have a keen understanding of your budget and finances. To cut costs and ensure maximum profits, it’s important to opt for a shopping cart that’ll provide your business with as many essential tools and features as possible. Having free access to marketing tools, eCommerce themes, a POS system, and multichannel selling will allow you to cut costs and invest your profits toward other important aspects of running an online business.

Protecting Your Business

A great business strategy in conjunction with a powerful eCommerce platform is a union destined for greatness. Yet despite this recipe for success, your business will need security measures that’ll protect it from potential failure.

To remain competitive, your business will require a fast website with minimal downtime, advanced cart abandonment tools, and implemented security measures that’ll not only protect your customers' sensitive data, but prevent fraudulent orders too – a serious and growing concern with the explosive growth of eCommerce.

3dcart’s Small Business Bundle

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Stay tuned! We’ll be featuring additional helpful articles in celebration of Business Appreciation Month.