Facebook has become a juggernaut in the online world over the past few years. With over 400 million active users, you can rest assured that it is here to stay and very much a part of our lives. Businesses first started to embrace the social platform as a place to raise brand awareness, promote new products/content, and attempt to drive traffic back to their websites. Now, it can be a place to make you money.


With 3dcart's SocialCommerce, merchants can easily integrate their online store within its own tab, directly on their Facebook fan page. SocialCommerce will automatically match the look and feel of your 3dcart store and provides a lot of flexibility by allowing you to select which products are displayed, such as:

  • All products within a specified category
  • Individually choose products to be shown
  • All products currently being displayed on the home page
  • All products on sale

Where the power of SocialCommerce really shines is in its affiliate integration. Merchants can empower their affiliates with the ability to create their own online stores within their Facebook profiles and choose which products will be displayed. SocialCommerce will automatically add the appropriate affiliate tracking code and affiliates will automatically get credit for any sales.

3dcart's SocialCommerce provides merchants with an easy, simple, yet innovative way to get immersed in the social media, and be a part of the real time web.

3dcart's SocialCommerce Facebook App Benefits

  • Connect with customers and potential customers in a community atmosphere which promotes loyalty, trust, and invites conversation
  • Takes just seconds to add to your Facebook page and requires no additional software or technical knowledge. SocialCommerce is included in every plan.
  • Embrace the social web; reach out to new customers and generate repeat purchases from existing customers.