3dcart traveled to Chicago last week to visit the largest e-commerce conference in the world, IRCE. While walking amongst the 6500 in attendance, we were overwhelmed with the amount of vendors offering everything from search engine marketing, to automatic gift wrapping machines. We were far too busy this year with finalizing version 3.2, so we did not have a booth. Next year, we will be in full attendance and we're very anxious to meet everyone.

We were lucky enough to meet a number of  existing partners, including:

More than shipping software, the new ReadyShipper 3.2 by TrueShip gives you the tools to import, organize and route your order information. Create standard 4 x 6 shipping labels instantly, or produce all-in-one forms for enterprise level efficiency. If you are one of the many who cut and paste your order information, or has multiple processes just to create your shipping labels, then look to ReadyShipper.

The days when businesses can afford to waste valuable accounting resources on the complex, error prone, and non-revenue generating function of manual sales tax processing are nearing an end. Today’s savvy businesses recognize that sales tax automation, leveraging outsourced knowledge and expertise, is exactly the same as outsourced payroll management—a simple and accepted way of improving efficiency. Avalara products integrate seamlessly with scores of accounting, e-commerce, and point of sale systems.  Most major accounting and ERP systems are already online, and new connectors are being published every day.

TRUSTe Privacy Seals help consumers click with confidence by guiding them to trustworthy Web sites. Thousands of Web sites rely on TRUSTe industry best practices to help them make the right decisions about privacy and protecting confidential user information.

GoDataFeed empowers 3dCart merchants by offering an affordable, time-saving tool to improve visibility and performance on all major comparison shopping sites. GoDataFeed is a 3dCart integrated, easy-to-use datafeed management software that automates and optimizes shopping feed campaigns to various marketing channels like Shopzilla, Shopping.com, NexTag, Yahoo! Shopping, Google Product Search, and many more -- with 50+ shopping sites to choose from. Best of all, because of its seamless 3dCart integration, GoDataFeed retrieves your store’s data on a nightly basis and submits your updated shopping feeds automatically.

PM Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Comparison Shopping Engines, and other Search Engine Marketing services.  We connect clients to their customers online by creating, implementing, and managing fully customized online marketing campaigns.  With our industry expertise and suite of proprietary technology, we help clients build their brands and business revenues online.

The Stone Edge Order Manager is the leading order management system for small-to-medium Web merchants. The Order Manager makes it easy to import orders from your shopping cart and then gives you the tools you need to manage your business efficiently.

ShipWorks is for people who sell online. It connects to your online store or seller account. It downloads your orders and makes it easy to create shipping labels, manage customers and emails, and update the online status of each order.

With eBridge's 3dcart integration to accounting systems, customer and sales order information is automatically entered into the back-office financial system from the 3dcart storefront. In turn, product information and order status updates are automatically entered into the 3dcart platform to provide customers with essential and up-to-date information. eBridge currently supports over 37 accounting packages.

International Checkout guarantees against fraud, provides shipping to over 200 countries, and offers world class multi-lingual customer service.  Within hours, retailers can tap into the world market with no investment of internal resources. With the click of an “International Checkout” button, the retailer’s shopping cart is seamlessly transferred to a user friendly branded AJAX-driven single page checkout, which includes real time price quotes, real-time price quotes, settlement in local currencies, and duties and taxes at a guaranteed rate.

Choose PowerReviews Express if you’re looking for a customer reviews solution that is:

  • Affordable: low monthly fee
  • Easy integration: integration wizard allows for quick implementation—takes less than a day
  • Compatible with your eCommerce platform: simplified integration with ProStores, Shopify, Infopia and Yahoo
  • Award-winning technology tailored for small businesses

We were also lucky enough to meet with a few clients and find out what was important to them at the show. This input, as well as your emails, tweets, and phone calls, helps to decide what gets put into future releases.

It was a pleasure meeting you Rungreen.com, waterfilters.net, and bestinsoles.com.

If you were unable to attend, we've got a special promotion that we are extending to everyone. For a limited time, you can save up to $750.00

See everyone next year!