3DCart Shopping Cart is now fully compatible with Wishpot Wishlist and Registry Tools.

Add Wishpot Wishlist or Registry functionality on your website to increase online sales

Wishpot is a free social shopping service where members save all the things they are shopping for, from anywhere; in one place. Our members love our service as they can easily share their finds with friends and family. The Wishpot button makes it easy to scour the web and add anything to Wishpot. Wishpot is unique in that our members use Wishpot for both their personal shopping and for major life events. It also offers the ability to request cash and charity donations, combined with the hottest products and newest trends. As a Wishpot enabled merchant you can offer up the Wishpot Wishlist and Registry tools to your customers.


• Increased transactions - Wishpot provides many services to users that increase the likelihood that a user will actually purchase from their wish list: price and coupon alerts, cash contributions, birthday reminders, friend activities and much more.
• Customers remember your site - The Wishpot button makes it easy for your customers to save items from your site to their lists. Long after customers leave your site they remember it. And can easily link back to it.
• Increased exposure for your products - customers not only remember but share your products. Wishpot has widgets and a Facebook application. Your products get increased exposure through feeds and blogs.
• Continual engagement with your product - Wishpot is a social shopping network - once your product is added to a public list, other Wishpot members comment on it, share it, and add it to their own lists.

Getting Started

As a user of 3DCart you can also utilize our other features like price alerts, chip-in, and wishlist user statistics. Feel free to contact us at merchants@wishpot.com and we can help you get the most out of the Wishlist and Registry experience.

For more information, visit our merchant page for more details.