When we were looking at ways to improve accessibility with our newest update, we looked at the offerings of our competitors. Since 80% of our staff are iPhone and Smartphone owners, we realized that most small business owners are busy people, and more than likely to be iPhone/smartphone owners. The ability to administrate your online store, manage orders, customer communication and view statistics  on the go can be a real time saver.

We then turned our eye on our competitors and what we saw was disappointing. If any of them did have iPhone access, it was very watered down and not usable in any way. We then knew that it was up to 3dCart to set the bar on mobile commerce administration.

In version 3.2, we will provide remote access to iPhones or Smartphones with a webkit based browser (most phones sold nowadays). We will be releasing complete details the closer to launch, but here's a screenshot to show how you can interact with your 3dCart store.

You will be able to:

  • View today's activity
  • View and manage orders
  • Interact with customers via 3dCart's CRM
  • and much, much more.

If there are features you feel would be a great fit for our 3dCart Mobile Commerce app, please drop me a note robb@3dcart.com