Expanding business operations and increasing sales is a tough feat for many small to medium sized eCommerce businesses.

With 73% of today’s Internet users browsing in a language other than English, it’s unsurprising that the average retailer is losing out on countless potential sales. Customers want to visit websites in their own language, and regardless of your store’s gorgeous design or low prices, they’re not about to shop at your business if they’re unable to read your content.

To help online merchants overcome this obstacle, 3dcart has partnered with Bablic, an easy website localization solution. By adding just one line of code to your website’s header, you can add any language to your 3dcart store. Choose from machine translation, human translation, or manually translate your content yourself – no programming required.

In addition to translating content, you’ll be able to replace images, fix style issues, and edit nearly any website element with just a click in Bablic’s cutting-edge visual editor.

Ready to increase traffic, user-engagement, and conversions for your online store? Try out Bablic’s 14-day free trial! Learn more by visiting the 3dcart App Store.