This last month the 3dcart Development Team has been working really hard, and it shows in the long list of release notes for 4.10.1.

Most of these come from the great feedback we received from 3dcart merchants in our Uservoice portal ( So please keep submitting your ideas to help us improve 3dcart. Some great examples are the ability to Duplicate Promotions and to Preview Order Emails.

The most impressive improvement on 4.10.1 is about performance, the changes made to the cache of the application have shown an increase of 60% on the Website Speed of the Home Page and Category pages.

Payment Gateway:

New payment method available, the MasterCard Internet Gateway Service is now integrated with 3dcart.
MasterCard Strategic Processing Solutions*| MasterCard®

First Atlantic Commerce 
New payment method available, The First Atlantic Commerce processor from Bermuda is now integrated with 3dcart.
Payment Processor – Online Payment Processing & Gateway | FAC)

App Store:

New Third Party App for Abandoned Shopping Cart recovery
Rejoiner compatible Shopping Cart Software | 3dcart App Store

Bug Fixes

3DSI Payment Gateway 
An error was being generated when an order contained multiple quantities of any item.

eProduct Download 
The eproducts download was failing for any files over 31.5 MB, the issue has been corrected and the limit increased for selling digital products online.

The Godatafeed XML feed was returning an error when a specific product had a hidden category as part of its breadcrumb.

 Fedex Label Manager
The rate quotes in the Fedex Label Manager where previewing lower rates than the actual printed label.

Billing Information
When trying to preview new plan information (after upgrading) the page would create an overflow error.

Order Exports 
The oweight field now registers the total order weight, before when the total weight exceeded the maximum box weight in Shipping Settings the weight was being saved as "WEIGHT/NUMBER OF BOXES"

DHL Tracking 
Implemented new DHL tracking URL to allow tracking numbers from this carrier to link directly to DHL's website and display the tracking information automatically.

The Autoship recurring orders module was charging amount/100 for orders when processing them using the ProPay payment method.

Front-end Reset Password 
The reset password page was not loading when the store has the "login required" setting per product enabled. Customers were being redirected to myaccount.asp.

System Error Messages
An error caused in some isolated cases, that the system error messages in Settings > Design > System Messages would get duplicated. This caused errors when trying to edit/save messages.

Verify Tax
The Verify Tax link was missing on multiple ship-to orders.

Order Search 
The filter dropdowns for shipping and payment methods were crashing the page if the number of orders was too high. From now, those 2 filters will be available only for instances of 25,000 orders or less.

Payments - CBA
The "Checkout by Amazon" Thank you Page was not replacing order variables needed for conversion scripts added manually to the checkout step 4 footer. (i.e. [invoicenum], [ordertotal], etc)

Quick Search
The Admin panel quick search now submits the searchwhen user presses the ENTER key.

Quick Cart
When using the Quick Cart feature, the product page would open within the pop-up modal. Added 'target="_parent"' to fix.

The Orders Export CSV file now contains a new column labeled as "Coupon" when a coupon is used in the order.



Product Reviews 
The Product Reviews section now allows you to specify the number of records per page and to sort the records by any column. Merchants can now easily view products with reviews pending approval by sorting on the NEW REVIEWS field.

• Preview Order Emails
New PREVIEW button available for ORDER EMAILS under Settings > Design > Emails. This allows to preview the order emails. Note: When an order is available in the same order status as the email being previewed then that order information will be used, if no information is available the HTML variables will be displayed.

The Admin panel navigation has been improved to eliminate the third level of navigation under the PLUGINS and Shopping Engines sections.


Jquery on Checkout and Product page
The default templates for Product page and Checkout have been updated to JQUERY 1.8.1 and the PROTOTYPE library is no longer used.

• Title Tags -The TITLE tag for the Blog Categories and Blog Archive sections were just re-using the title from the main blog page. These now include unique page titles to prevent duplicated titles errors on Google Webmaster tools.

Moderate Comments -A new Setting for AUTO-APPROVE comments under SocialCommerce > Blog > Settings, brings the ability to moderate comments before these are published to the website. This also includes the ability to EDIT comments after these have been submitted from the Admin Panel.

Edit Comments - New section to EDIT the content of the Blog comments.

Google Sitemap - The Blog posts are now included in the Google Sitemap.

Search Posts- The blog posts are now included in the Search results, this requires the setting from General > Settings > Store Settings to be enabled for PAGE SEARCH.

H1 Tag -The blog post titles now include an H1 tag around them for SEO purposes.

Cache Setting: The previous "enable cache" setting is now automatically enabled by default and the setting to disable it is no longer available.

Advanced Page Cache: A new setting called "Enable Adv Page Cache" has been added to the Store Settings section. This is in addition to the standard cache and it puts the Home page and the Category pages into the store's cache, thus improving the performance of the site even more. The cache itself takes 2 hours to refresh, or it can be manually refreshed by clicking on the ""clear cache"" button." This setting will be initially turned on by default.
Invoice/Packing Slip:The default invoice and packing slip templates now include a variable that displays the Total Number of Items [numberofitems] in the order. This is the total of the individual quantities of each item in the order.


• Extra Fields
Additional extra fields for products have been added; extra_field_11, extra_field_12 and extra_field_13 are now available as 3 new extended descriptions extra fields. These are available on Product Edit and will display automatically in product page. Can also be imported via CSV, pull via Advanced API and exported when doing a custom products export.
• Bundles
New setting for "Bundles - Add subitems weight" that will include the weight of each bundled item in the order when the main item is added to the cart. This weight will be used for the order and considered for shipping calculation.


• Duplicate Promotions 
New DUPLICATE Promotion button that allows to create a copy of an existing promotion with the same attributes.


Products and Category URLs
Automatically do a 301 redirect on Products and Category pages when accessing the page via an URL that includes the product or category ID but the name does not match. This was usually an issue when renaming a product or category, where the URL would change but the previous URL would still work.

Deleted Products and Categories
When accessing a product or category page that has been deleted, the system will generate a 404 and check if any PAGE REDIRECTS are in place to redirect the visitor to a different product or category page. This discontinues the ERROR message for the product or category are no longer available and will generate a browser 404 error instead.

Recommend A Friend
The TITLE for recommend a friend page was using the one for the Waiting List. Changed this to use the correct TITLE and to include the product name.

Shop By Price
Implemented a 301 redirect from empty pages to the first page of the section. So if page 16 had no products, previously it would display a blank page, now it redirects to page 1.

•  Shop By Price Titles
The TITLE tag now includes the PAGE number to prevent duplicated titles errors on webmaster tools, so the page title is unique for each on of the pages.

Google Sitemap
The Google sitemap now includes the 1st level of sub-categories, this was previously limited to just the main categories.

• Product Page
The default template for product page now includes a NOFOLLOW on the links to "Email A Friend" and "Write a Review".