ecommerce pagerank tipsTo show your store? Or not show your store? That is Google's question.

And in order to answer that question quick & effectively, Google uses a ranking system  from 0 to 10. The higher your page’s rank, the more people will see your store and the more traffic  you'll get.  Google is constantly reevaluating your site and that means PageRank  is in constant flux and can change on an ongoing basis.

Here are  three tips to improve pagerank..

1. Blog away
Laborious, but effective. Good UNIQUE keyword-heavy content will go far in the eyes of Google. Blogging regularly also helps your page rank because Google values fresh content over stale, out-of-date content.

2. Promote your content on social networks & bookmarking sites

Creating content is great for SEO on it's own but you can maximize your content by promoting your content on  Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon.  And by submitting your content on do-follow social bookmarking sites ( do-follow means these sites give links that Google considers when determining page rank) you can use your content to earn you quality  backlinks.

Here's a list of some do-follow social bookmarking sites:

3.  Comment On High Page Rank Blogs

Blog commenting is an easy way to build links & as you may know  link building is the ultimate way to boost Page Rank. Every time you place a link to your website in your signature and comment on high page rank blogs, you are racking up high quality links. When established & high page rank sites link to you, Google thinks you're more important and ranks you higher.