To this day, Twitter remains to be one of the top-performing social media networks and an unquestionably powerful marketing tool for online businesses. This is why it's essential for you to learn how to build your own Twitter followers.

As the experts say, it's not just all about the numbers. It's more of the quality of those numbers. What percentage of your followers can you consider relevant? Hence, this is the reason you need to understand the tips that work in bringing in these relevant Twitter followers. Don't get tempted to succumb to those easy, sleazy ways of growing your following. 

Tip #1: Post Interesting and Significant Tweets.

In order not to bore your existing followers to death or turn off those who happen to come across your posts, it's a must that you try to include variety in your tweets while not diverting too much from your general niche.

From time to time, you can post your event or product photos and videos but try not to overdo it. Be sure to mix these with those that are not about your company or business but will surely capture the attention of your potential buyers.

In case you run out of ideas, you ought to subscribe to Google Alerts, picking the topics that you feel will interest your target market. This way, you can get daily notifications on what's new on the web--- news, articles, videos, etc. Such things can provide great value.

Tip #2: Strengthen Your Twitter Profile.

Don't underestimate the importance of your profile. It's crucial to get all creative and substantial at the same time when writing it, keeping in mind that you should be able to entice your target audience into following you. Make sure, though, that your style of writing and language are consistent with your website and other marketing copy.

What's more, it would help to use a catchy photo that displays exactly what your business is about while keeping in step with your branding. And of course don't forget to mention your business location, especially if you have a brick and mortar shop or more branches.

Tip #3: Look for Those Potential Relevant Followers.

Building your Twitter followers will never happen if you just sit back and wait. In this regard, you need to be proactive. You need to do the searching.

There are actually a couple of helpful third-party tools that you can utilize in order to discover these potential relevant followers. Twellow and WeFollow, among others, are just some you might want to look into. They allow you to search for people by location or by industry. You can also type in some keywords to find what you're looking for.

Another way you might consider is to take note of the interests of your target followers. Check out the profiles and Twitter follower lists of companies, celebrities, restaurants, and more that they may likely be interested in. Tag these Twitter accounts in your posts or use hashtags to search for people.

Tip #4: Comment, Retweet, and Engage.

Rather than always trying to drive people to participate in a fresh topic that you initiate, why not join in others' conversations on Twitter? Take a look at the chats that your target audience is participating in. Try to think of the topics that your brand would be interested in. Then let your voice be heard.

Aside from commenting on others' posts and ongoing conversations, you ought to retweet too every now and then. If you come across some fascinating stuff that you believe your own followers or prospective customers might like, then go ahead and retweet. It's especially good to retweet those from industry leaders and credible voices in your niche.

You can't just tweet and then stay silent when someone comments. It's essential that you interact, mingle, and engage. Learn how to listen to what they are saying and this will guide you in your responses and give you new ideas on marketing campaigns, new product developments, event plans, and more.

Tip #5: Use Hashtags Wisely.

It's good to incorporate some hashtags into your tweets in order for others to easily be pointed to your direction based on what they are looking for. However, you have to be wary of long hashtags and the quantity of hashtags you use.

Generally, it's advisable to stick to just one or two so as not to make your tweet look messy and incomprehensible. You can also clarify your message better this way.

Tip #6: Return the Favor to Your Followers.

Do you that following back your followers has been scientifically proven by research to be highly effective? Surely these people will appreciate that you returned the favor and will more likely stick around, not to mention become more interested in what you're offering.

Now, when you encounter Twitter accounts that you feel may make for relevant followers, it's okay that you follow them first. Show interest in what they are saying and showing in their tweets. You can like, retweet, or comment. Nonetheless, please be conscious of how often you do this because you might end up seeming like a spammer or stalker.

Tip #7: Tweet Frequently But Not Too Much.

There's healthy frequent tweeting. And then there's the spammy kind of tweeting, which can totally annoy people and make them turn the other way.

In order to stay on the safe side, you can probably limit your tweets to 10 or less per day. Not everything has to originally come from you. Some can be retweets or perhaps you can also count in your comments. This will help you become more visible without appearing like a spammer.

If you can't go online every few hours, you can try using a social media scheduling software like Hootsuite. This will save you time and effort in the long run while still strengthening the online presence of your business.

Tip #8: Try to Inject More Positivity.

According to many studies, people have a greater tendency to follow those who have more positive and inspirational tweets. With all the negative things in the world today, it's certainly refreshing to read optimistic and affirmative words along with motivational ideas.

There are plenty of individuals these days who certainly need a lot of encouragement and inspiration. And if you're the one who can supply this need, they will definitely follow you and appreciate it. They will feel valued and you can easily connect with them this way.

Tip #9: Use a Variety of Channels to Promote Your Twitter Account.

If you're serious about building your Twitter followers in order to help promote your business, then you must make use of a variety of channels to promote your Twitter account.

Include a Follow Me on Twitter widget on your blog and website. Embed particular tweets into your blog post, Facebook status, or product description. Incorporate a Twitter handle in all of your bios and profiles online as well as your emails. You might want to also utilize Twitter in your promos and contests, thus urging more people to participate through this social network.

Tip #10: Offer Different Deals, Contests, and More.

It's natural for many people to feel as if they've landed a great deal or come across a cool bargain. Contests are also quite popular on social media, and have always done their part in boosting website traffic and leading to more sales in the long run.

Carefully craft your Twitter marketing campaigns. You may want to launch an exciting contest every now and then with a very enticing prize at stake. You may also opt to post exclusive offers for Twitter followers. These ideas can surely work wonders.

At this moment, it may be a handful for you to apply all of these tips at the same time. So don't do it. Go about it slowly and you'll find yourself with more and more relevant Twitter followers as you move forward.