There are many different reasons you could be a fan of 3dcart. Maybe you have a successful online store, or maybe you know someone who does. Perhaps you don't even use 3dcart yourself, but frequently read our eCommerce blog for tips and strategies. No matter why, specifically, you've become our fan, you may want to share or recommend 3dcart to others — and now, with our 3dcart Ambassador program, we're making this easier (and more rewarding!) than ever before.


What is a 3dcart Ambassador?

A 3dcart Ambassador is someone who likes 3dcart enough to recommend it to others. If you've done this yourself, you could already consider yourself a 3dcart Ambassador. However, with our 3dcart Ambassador program, we're introducing rewards for both you and those who you bring to 3dcart, and we're also making more materials and resources available for you to use when you decide to promote 3dcart to others.

The 3dcart Ambassador program is different from becoming a 3dcart Affiliate or Partner. It could be considered a more "casual" way to recommend 3dcart and get rewards. You don't even need to have a 3dcart store to become an Ambassador; only the desire to share our eCommerce solution with your friends or audience.


How the 3dcart Ambassador Program Works

All you need to do to start getting rewards as a 3dcart Ambassador is to use your own personalized referral link when directing others toward 3dcart. If you have a 3dcart store, your link will be available within your 3dcart Online Store Manager. The option will be located in the top menu as soon as the Ambassador program goes live and will be labeled "Share & Get $50." Clicking this menu item will give you a link you can post anywhere. If you don't have a 3dcart store, you can get your link from our 3dcart Ambassador page.

When someone clicks your link and signs up for a 3dcart plan, they'll get a free month, and you'll get $50. Your rewards will be sent through PayPal 60 days from the new store's signup date.

You won't need to make a website to promote 3dcart, nor are there any minimums for you to meet like signups per month or other requirements. Just share your Ambassador referral link, and both you and your recipients will benefit automatically.

It's really that simple!


Why Become a 3dcart Ambassador?

The 3dcart Ambassador program is meant to provide a fast, simple way to recommend 3dcart with a bit of incentive for both Ambassadors and those they refer. Here's a quick summary of the benefits of being a 3dcart Ambassador:

  • Cash rewards: Get $50 for every new store created through your referral link (once it reaches 60 days in age).
  • Help others get into eCommerce: Give new business owners an edge with great software and a free month.
  • Easy to join: You technically don't have to "join" the 3dcart Ambassador program at all; you only need to get and share your referral link.
  • Simpler than other programs: There are no requirements such as those involved in becoming an affiliate or partner.
  • Get promoted in return: We love our 3dcart Ambassadors! Tag @3dcart in your social media posts and use the #3dcartAmbassador hashtag to increase your visibility.


Resources for 3dcart Ambassadors

We're at work compiling resources to help 3dcart Ambassadors in their mission to spread the word about 3dcart. These will include ebooks to help you more thoroughly understand how different 3dcart features work, as well as to help you improve your overall grasp of the ins and outs of eCommerce. If you're already experienced with 3dcart and an expert in eCommerce, you might not need these ebooks, but they may still help you out in certain cases. For example, maybe you want a beginner-friendly way to explain a certain eCommerce process to someone you've referred. You can find this type of information in our ebooks for sure.

Resources for 3dcart Ambassadors will also include graphics, like banners and logos you can use. Remember that you won't need a website to promote 3dcart as an Ambassador, but these graphics can come in handy on social media as well.


Ideas for Being a 3dcart Ambassador

The best part of becoming a 3dcart Ambassador is that it's completely up to you how frequently you promote 3dcart, and where you do so. You could send your link to a friend in a private message while discussing eCommerce. You could post your link publicly, on Instagram or another platform, using either your personal or business account. It's your choice.

Naturally, you'll be most effective as an Ambassador if you include some information about why you're recommending 3dcart. For example, if you came to 3dcart because you had trouble with another platform, you have first-hand experience as to what makes 3dcart better than the software you used to use. You could turn this experience into an informative blog article or social media post, or even during one-on-one conversation with a friend or colleague having similar eCommerce issues. Likewise, if you've had some success growing your business on 3dcart, you still have plenty to talk about even if you're not comparing 3dcart to other platforms.

Here are some other ideas for promoting 3dcart in different ways as an Ambassador. However you choose to refer others, don't forget to tell them they get a free month!


Share Your Milestones

This is a good tactic if you're posting about your eCommerce business on Instagram or another social media platform. Your customers and other followers are likely already interested in the growth of your business (such as the release of new products and promotions), so they'll be pleased to learn about your successes. Be sure to thank your customers for helping you get where you are today, and take the opportunity to suggest 3dcart and provide your link.


Talk About Your Favorite Features

Is there a specific 3dcart feature that has been the biggest help in growing your business? Mention it on your social media. Any 3dcart features you find to be the most convenient for your workflow are great topics and a great chance to recommend 3dcart for other businesses that may be facing similar challenges. Inventory control, shipping tools, SEO, and many other types of features are all strengths of 3dcart that can vastly smooth the operations of any business, especially those that have been struggling with more limited software.


As an eCommerce Expert

Do you write an eCommerce blog, provide coaching, or otherwise help others with your eCommerce expertise? These are all great venues to recommend 3dcart with your personal referral link. As with our other suggestions, bring up your own successes and other experience to back up your recommendation when needed. When offering a consultation to a specific business, explain how 3dcart can help them solve their exact problems or help them meet their goals in specific ways.


As a YouTube Content Creator

This method intersects with the others we've gone over in this article, since business owners and eCommerce experts may also run YouTube channels if it fits their business or marketing model. For example, some eCommerce gurus might share their knowledge through YouTube. For any videos where it would be appropriate, your 3dcart Ambassador link can fit neatly into the description.


For a Specific Friend

Maybe you're not that interested in actively promoting 3dcart via other examples we've given on this page — but you can still be a 3dcart Ambassador. Let's say you have a friend who mentions one day that they want to start an online business. Since 3dcart Ambassadors have no minimum restrictions on their referrals, you can grab your Ambassador link simply to provide it to that friend. Since they'll get a free month, you're also doing them a favor by saving them some of their startup costs.


Other Ways to Share 3dcart

The ideas we've brought up above are meant to be general suggestions you can adapt to your own unique circumstances. No one knows your own situation better than you, so you are the best judge of the type of 3dcart Ambassador you should be.

The most important thing to remember is that you don't have to be a business owner, have a website, or even have a 3dcart account to become a 3dcart Ambassador. You don't need to meet a referral quota or meet other requirements that other programs often have. All you need is the desire to share 3dcart with others.


Ready to Become a 3dcart Ambassador?

So, are you interested in becoming a 3dcart Ambassador? If so, just head over to our 3dcart Ambassador page to claim your link, or if you have a 3dcart store, log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager and look for it in the top menu. If you want to download the resources we've made available, you'll soon be able to find them on the 3dcart Ambassador page as well.

We're excited to welcome every 3dcart Ambassador and we can't wait to see how you decide to promote 3dcart in your own way. Don't forget to tag us @3dcart on social media and use the #3dcartAmbassador hashtag!