In a world where inboxes are overflowing with bad email, how can your business master a ROI-driven email strategy?

There are things all of us want and need to purchase. Personally, if I want a new shirt and a business emails me about that shirt, offering a good price and a quick way to get it, they’ve probably just won my business. Good deal for me – I get a new shirt, and good deal for the business – they get my money.

This entire scenario fits into an old-school marketing philosophy that we all know well: hit the right person at the right time with the right message, and you’ll make the sale. Is your business doing this? If not, it probably should be.

Here are five MUST SEND emails that are based on your customers’ behavior (or habits/actions). I’m going to discuss each of these briefly and show you a few examples of emails I’ve gotten that I really like:


  1. Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned cart emails are reminders sent to customers who have added at least one of your products to their shopping carts, but have failed to complete the checkout process. By reminding customers of products they have already shown interest in, you have a great chance to convince them to buy – especially if you throw in some other type of incentive, like a discount code or special deal. Around 70% of potential buyers abandoned their cart. There’s no reason not to send them a beautiful, relevant, and convincing email to help them finish their checkout.


  1. New Customer Thank You 

As kids, we all had to write thank you notes. It’s no different for businesses. When a new customer shops on your website, you should send them something to show you appreciate their business. But don’t just send them some random email! Send them something tailored to them. A new customer thank you email can boost a customer’s positive feelings towards your business and help them find out more about what your business is all about. Show the customer some bestselling products, or even better, products that are related to what they bought. If you want to get even more personalized, you can even suggest products based on what they looked at but didn’t buy during their first transaction.

  1. Repeat Customer Thank You

Like a new customer thank you, a repeat customer thank you email shows responsiveness and strengthens customer retention. With repeat customers, instead of displaying trending or bestselling products, you might choose to display product recommendations based specifically on that customers past activities.

  1. Product Review/Cross Sell

Follow up customers’ purchases with an automated email asking about their experience, or cross sell by showing them products that will complement what they have already bought. Reviews can give your products social proof, and post-purchase is a great time to advertise products that go well with one another.


  1. Customer Win-back

Win-back emails are a great way to improve customer retention. Try reaching out to customers who used to buy from you but haven’t visited your site in awhile and show them what they’re missing. By offering them special discount codes or deals, you can remind them of how awesome your products are and entice them to buy from you again. Anybody can get a first transaction, but the key to long term success is your ability to reactivate past customers and get them to buy that 2nd and 3rd time.

So, now you’re probably thinking, “Sweet! I wish I had time to do all this stuff. My business could probably grow exponentially, but I don’t have the expertise, HTML skills, or the means to hire somebody that does.”

No worries, my friend. Klaviyo has just integrated with 3dcart, and we already have these emails set up for you. Just integrate with us (for free) at the 3dcart app store, and we’ll take you through the painless process of sending all these emails.  Generally, it takes less than an hour to integrate and enable our flow emails.