SoftwareCW, a growing provider of computer software for personal, business, government agencies, and educational institutions, started its eCommerce journey for reasons many online merchants share: greater flexibility and more control.

Colton Wiles, owner of SoftwareCW, knew that despite his business's impressive client base, a strong online presence would be the only way to expose his business and products to a large customer base.

“We decided to open a website because we wanted the flexibility that just wasn’t available with marketplaces,” Wiles explains. “We also wanted to be less reliant on selling on marketplaces.”

Colton, driven by a specific image of what's entailed in a perfect online store, started his search for an eCommerce platform capable of fulfilling his vision.

But finding a tailor-fit shopping cart to sell software online is anything but easy, especially when they're so many options to choose from. “Shopping cart providers we used in the past were very restrictive on what pages you could edit,” recalls Colton. “One did not allow the checkout pages to be edited at all. We wanted the ability to add custom features that just weren’t possible with other providers.”

Fortunately, SoftwareCW eventually came across 3dcart, which Colton found appealing for the platform's ease of use, particularly when it came to editing coding. “Our favorite features of 3dcart are the ability to completely edit all pages’ code and the ease of doing this. We also love the built-in Product Review and Product Q&A features so we do not have to pay a 3rd party to do this.”

Colton, however, wanting to ensure his business's success and provide customers with the best shopping experience possible, looked to 3dcart's professional website design solutions for an answer. 3dcart's design team, communicating with Colton every step of the way, worked tirelessly to help Colton achieve his desired website appearance.

SoftwareCW continues to offer consumers with only the latest and best digital programs available, providing renowned customer service and memorable shopping experiences thanks to their powerful, refined website.

To read more about SoftwareCW's eCommerce journey, visit 3dcart Success Stories.

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