Few athletic movements have made as much wave as “barefoot running”, a practice that arose to help avoid and correct long-term running injuries through a more natural running technique.

Andrew Rademacher, a former victorious Purdue decathlete and High School National Champion in the Pole Vault, joined the barefoot running movement with a simple, clear-cut mission: to help introduce people to a way of walking that reduces back, knee and foot problems.

But while Andrew's mission may have been simple, his path to success was anything but easy.

Though the introduction of barefoot running sparked a wave of support and positive feedback, it also received a fair amount of complaints, citing that barefoot running was causing more harm than good. Andrew, intent on helping people see the benefits of natural shaped footwear, devised a mission to address the source of the problem.

“People have been conditioned to wear these highly supportive, heavily cushioned, restrictive shoes on their feet,” Andrew explains. “They are used to having natural motion prohibited and lack any sense of touch. When moving from one extreme to another—from completely dependent feet to running three miles barefoot at the drop of a hat—you will absolutely cause more harm than good. We need to be better educated and know that there is a transition period to minimalism.”

After a year and half of extensive research and planning, Lems Shoes, a store dedicated to selling shoes online made from air-infused rubber, was ready to launch. Andrew set out to find the perfect shopping cart, and signed up for trials with numerous eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Volusion, and Magento.

Andrew's long and tiresome search ultimately led to 3dcart, which proved capable of meeting his business's unique and high demands. Key reasons for choosing 3dcart included: B2B ecommerce features – an essential feature for selling to retail stores and other wholesale businesses, the ability to control and customize the store's look and feel, and reliable, friendly customer support, available 24/7/365.

Lems Shoes launched on September 15 to immediate success: 45 orders in the first 30 minutes, 300 orders in the first six hours, and by the end of the day, 180 orders.

Today, Lems Shoes continues to provide thousands of customers around the world with natural shaped footwear that's not only made of the highest quality material, but attractive and comfortable too.

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