3dcart hosts a wide variety of online stores, many of which started their journey with eBay and their online retail solution, ProStores.

Corvette Mods, an online store dedicated to selling interior, exterior and performance modifications for Chevrolet's popular Corvette sports car, is one such business that made the transition from ProStores to 3dcart.

In 2007, Neal Balog, founder of Corvette Mods, started selling auto parts online for modifications and related products for Corvettes through eBay. But what started out as a listing of around 25 products quickly grew. Neal started expanding his advertising through simple marketing channels like forums, and it wasn't long before his efforts generated tangible results.

“After we started getting the word out, the business grew,” Neal explains. “It was clear that we needed to expand from eBay and create our own site.” Because of his positive experience with eBay, Neal decided to launch a simple website with ProStores.

After three years of steady growth, including a catalog of nearly 1,500 different products, however, Neal was in need of a more feature-rich, powerful ecommerce platform that could support his business's booming growth.

In November 2011, Neal set out to find a shopping cart software that could meet and exceed his expectations in an eCommerce platform.

Neal attributes a number of advanced 3dcart features and services to his business's sharp retail edge:

  • The ability to offer gift cards and store credit
  • Built-in social media integratiom
  • Ease-of-use in updating, editing, and adding items
  • A knowledgeable Support Team
  • Built-in SEO Features

Today, Corvette Mods continues their fast track to success. After just three months of signing up for 3dcart, Corvette Mods posted: 48% increase in sales, 22% increase in store visitors, and 23% increase in page views.

“With some solutions, you don’t always know what you’re getting. Working closely with 3dcart shows me exactly how the platform helps website. I can see what kind of effects the solution has on my site.”

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