Subscription software services are a fundamental selling point for countless stores. Today's customers demand more than a speedy checkout; they want to shop at reliable stores that can conveniently deliver their favorite goods when and where they need them.

Boxiecat, a subscription cat litter store, provides cat lovers with just that: set-and-forget, high-quality litter deliveries.

Josh Wiesenfeld, a life-long cat lover, founded Boxiecat in 2011 in response to an aspect of cat-care that he'd always found tiresome and rather expensive. “Cat litter is the one aspect of having cats that isn’t entirely enjoyable,” Josh explains. “Traditionally, getting litter is very inconvenient—it’s heavy to lift and lug, as well as a waste of time and gas. It’s an essential item but requires constant trips to the store. If you run low or (worse yet) run out, it can cause behavioral problems for your cat, and she will let you know she is displeased in very unpleasant ways.”

To meet the needs of everyday cat owners like himself, Josh set out to launch a pet supplies online store that would allow customers to set-and-forget deliveries. “The market had a clear gap,” Josh recalls. “I knew I wanted to start the business—but nearly as exciting for me was the chance to become my own first subscriber.”

Josh comprised a detailed check list of essential criteria, including the ability to automate the payment and shipping process, and set out to find the right eCommerce platform to fulfill his vision. After thorough research, however, it soon became clear that only one shopping cart was offering everything Josh needed to launch his store: subscription capabilities, a scalable platform, secure hosting, 24/7 technical support, and connected order fulfillment through ShipWorks.

Having been with 3dcart since his start-up days, Josh can say with certainty that 3dcart really is everything a small business needs to succeed in selling online.

“As a business, 3dcart works hard at connecting with their customers on a much more personal level than you see in businesses today. That dedication helps ensure Boxiecat’s online storefront will be there to meet our subscribers’ needs.”

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