We launched our new partner program that offers developers, designers and marketing professionals multiple opportunities to work together and grow their business.

With the launch of the new 3dcart partner program, we hope to simplify the way agencies, payment providers and ecommerce professionals help their clients build ecommerce websites.

By partnering with 3dcart you can boost your portfolio of services by leveraging 3dcart’s 24x7 support, a PCI-certified solution, over 20 years of experience in ecommerce, and all the features needed to succeed online.
Marketing Media, a 3DCart Certified Designer, has successfully joined the new program.


"3dcart's partner program allows us to offer powerful ecommerce tools to our clients while still having 100% control over the design aspect of the website," said Christian Fillion, Director of business development and co-founder of Marketing Media. "The competitive lifetime recurring commission, combined with all the tools available in the partner portal, produces a great incentive for any design agency to refer customers to the award-winning 3dcart software suite."


The new program is divided into different partnership types

App Store Partners

If you are an app development or software company that has a solution that can better enhance our 3dcart shopping cart functionality and be offered in our App Store,  you can submit your app here.

Agency Partners

If you are a company that primarily services customers, such as a design firm, consulting firm, or a service based company - you are best suited for our agency program. You can learn more about our ecommerce solution for agencies and how we can help your business.

Affiliate Partners

On the other hand, if your are primarily in the business of driving traffic to your website, but you don't actually provide a service to your customers, you are best suited for our affiliate program. To learn more about our affiliate program, click here.

Strategic partner

Strategic partners are similar to a business partner, but they are much larger and need to open hundreds of accounts. These partners generally require more customized solutions.

Examples of these partners are large banks, retail associations, or some groups which have thousands of members. If you're a strategic partner, to get more information, click here. We also offer an exclusive eCommerce program for ISOs  and payment providers.


Next Steps

We invite you to contact us at partners@3dcart.com or to talk with a representative of the 3dcart to learn more about working together by helping online merchants sell online.