The nature of running a business has changed dramatically throughout history, but if there are two things that have always been true (and always will be), it's that being an entrepreneur is both challenging and rewarding. A business owner needs to put in quite a bit of effort to be successful, and it's often said that true dedication is just as important as the product, unique value proposition, and all other parts of a business concept. After all, you can have the best idea in the world, but nothing will come of it if you don't make it happen. Especially in the beginning, you can find yourself thinking about your business 24/7.

Of course, devoting your life to an endeavor can have its discouraging moments, and it can be hard to step back and put your accomplishments into perspective. If you're working on a business (or any project), you're usually so close to it that it's hard to focus on everything you've achieved instead of everything that still needs to be done. A bit of outside encouragement can go a long way toward helping you step back for a moment and take pride in what you've done.

That's why we're introducing the #3dcartHero Business Challenge, a special program to honor your success and encourage you on your journey toward becoming a #3dcartHero.


What is a #3dcartHero?

A #3dcartHero is anyone who has made at least $1,000 through their eCommerce business on the 3dcart platform. However, a #3dcartHero is also much more than that: they represent the dedication and ingenuity required to create a prosperous eCommerce business and grow it from startup to enterprise. #3dcartHeroes are an inspiration to others facing the same business challenges, and serve as a reminder to others that they can become successful too.

The #3dcartHero Business Challenge is a series of milestones and rewards for different stages of growth. Each milestone is based on your total sales through 3dcart, with the first milestone placed at $1,000 and moving progressively upward as you hit new sales totals. Every time you reach one of these milestones, you'll be able to claim a corresponding reward. We'll also celebrate your business in other ways, which we'll cover shortly.


Who is the #3dcartHero Small Business Challenge For?

We know how tough running a business can be, but things get easier when someone is actively cheering you on. When you're walking such a long path, sometimes you get so focused on the road ahead you forget to look back at all the ground you've covered — at least until someone reminds you to take a moment and do so. We created the #3dcartHero program to help entrepreneurs stay motivated and enjoy their triumphs. In short, we made this program for you.

The #3dcartHero Business Challenge is a chance for us to show our admiration to you, and a chance for you to get a little extra something for your hard work. Our intention is for the #3dcartHero rewards to act as tangible reminders of what you've accomplished. Even something as simple as a mug on your desk will help you think back on your achievements and encourage you to keep pushing forward!


How Does the #3dcartHero Challenge Help Merchants Grow Their Business?

At 3dcart, we're proud of every one of our merchants and we want to see them succeed. The #3dcartHero Business Challenge is more than just a series of milestone rewards: it's a complete system in which we're at your back every step of the way. As your business progresses through its milestones, in addition to the rewards specified in the #3dcartHero program, we'll also help promote your business via published Success Stories, press releases, and more. This is our way of demonstrating our pride in having you as a part of the 3dcart family and helping your business grow to meet new challenges.


What Resources are Available for Progressing in the #3dcartHero Challenge?

Obviously, a big part of growing your business to reach the #3dcartHero milestones is based on the knowledge of how to use 3dcart to your best advantage and how to create and market your store to greatest effect. To that end, we're providing several resources to help guide you through the process of building your website and growing your business:

  • The first, of course, is the 3dcart blog. We regularly publish informative articles explaining numerous aspects of eCommerce and business management, for beginners and experts alike. If you're looking for a specific topic, check out the categories to the left or use the search feature.
  • You can also check out eCommerce University, our free online courses that will help introduce you to all types of eCommerce concepts, tips, and strategies, along with actionable information to help improve your skills in product photography, SEO, and more.
  • Lastly, if you want a more focused approach, take a look at the Onboarding Checklist in your 3dcart Online Store Manager. The Onboarding Checklist comprises a detailed outline for completing numerous tasks for your online store and business as a whole. It includes the following:
    • Building Your Store: This set of tasks includes step-by-step instructions for the initial setup of your online store, including domain name and theme selection, homepage setup, store policies (shipping, privacy, and returns), your About Us page, shipping and payments, and much more. It also touches on the creation of your business's social media accounts and the foundation of your eCommerce website's SEO.
    • Managing Your Store: This section covers numerous tasks involving online store management and the tools to handle it, like your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), order notification emails, an overview of live chat for your website, setting up your loyalty program and your affiliate program, gift certificate creation, and other essentials like product reviews and abandoned cart notifications. We also go over several other steps for rounding out your store's data collection and analytics, feedback collection from customers, and much more.
    • Marketing Your Store: These tasks focus on different aspects of marketing for your online store, including the setup and use of your 3dcart website's built-in blog module, a quick guide to creating successful blog posts, an overview and instructions for coupon creation, setting up and writing newsletters, and expanding your store into multiple sales channels like your Facebook Shop, Google Shopping, eBay, and even Amazon. We also provide the basics on paid advertising, getting in touch with influencers who can promote you, and other promotional and marketing topics.

The Onboarding Checklist can be accessed easily at any time from inside your 3dcart Online Store Manager and you'll be able to check tasks off the list as you complete them. Its purpose is to help guide you and give you a head start so you can stay on the right track and grow your business faster — and start hitting those #3dcartHero milestones.


When Does the #3dcartHero Business Challenge Begin and How Do I Participate?

The #3dcartHero Business Challenge starts now and will run for the entirety of 2020, potentially beyond as we gauge participation in the program. Applications are open on our #3dcartHero Business Challenge page, which also has all the details regarding the reward tiers and what each milestone entails. All you have to do to is grow your business on 3dcart and claim your rewards when the time comes.

Joining the #3dcartHero Challenge is as easy as filling out a short form including your name, 3dcart website URL, and some other basic information. Claiming your milestone rewards is done from the same page with a similar short form. Both forms include spaces for information on your business's unique journey and goals, which will help us tell your story.

We at 3dcart are excited to introduce the #3dcartHero Business Challenge and we're looking forward to seeing what 2020 brings to the world of eCommerce, especially the growing businesses that break out and make it big. Will yours be one of them? We can't wait to find out!