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Special FedEx Discounts for 3dcart Merchants

Did you know 3dcart merchants can get exclusive discounts on FedEx® shipping and business services through the FedEx Advantage® program? With free enrollment, and no minimum shipping requirements, this could be the easiest decision you’ve made[...]

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Audit Your Shipping Carrier to Maximize Your Shipping Spend

From a P&L perspective, shipping costs are typically the 3rd largest line item just behind merchandise and labor cost. On average, e-commerce merchants spend 10% of their revenues on shipping costs. The financial investment of shipping product to[...]

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July's Featured Partner: Efulfillment Service

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The 101 on Shipping: What You Need to Know to Kick-Start Your Ecommerce Business

By Ben Ocken, Associate Marketing Manager at Endicia Running an ecommerce business may seem as simple as producing and selling a fantastic product. But in order to be truly successful, you’ve got to know how to ship.

But shipping can seem[...]

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10 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Supercharge Your eCommerce Store for Success

The eCommerce marketplace is a large and ever-growing swath that sees thousands of new entrants each day. According to, between the years 2002-2013, eCommerce sales ballooned from just $72 billion to a staggering $322 billion per[...]

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Top 5 Signs of a Great Shipping Partner for Your Business

When you're running an online business, it's certainly a MUST that you have an amazing shipping partner you can rely on. For some online stores, it's not only one but several different companies that take care of shipping their products to[...]

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How Shipping-Related Refunds Can Benefit Your Business


Do you know that you can actually make money from FedEx and UPS for a change? Most of the time, a lot of online businesses that make use of their shipping services never find out that there may actually be refunds from these companies that[...]

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Top Three Reason’s To Use a Fulfillment Provider

There is no greater time then in this year of 2014 to jump on the e-commerce business trail.  eMarketer recently announced that global B2C ecommerce sales will hit $1.5 Trillion this year and ecommerce sales will increase by 20.1%, a 2.1% rise[...]

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Simplify Your 3dcart Shipping With

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Can You Make Free Shipping Work for Online Store?

For savvy online shoppers, finding “free shipping” is like discovering buried treasure. But can shipping really be free? Someone has to pay that shipping charge, and if you’re experimenting with the phrase “free shipping” in your marketing plan,[...]

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