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6 Ways to Build Your Following on YouTube

Today, nobody can contest the ever growing popularity of YouTube. From instructional videos to documentaries, reality TV episodes to movie trailers, and everything else in between, YouTube is the place to be for many web users. For this reason, a lot of businesses have long invaded this platform and are making use of it to expand their reach, boost their website traffic, and promote their products and services.

So how can you develop and grow your very own following on YouTube? Here are 6 helpful ways that have been tried and tested in the past: More…


Making Customer’s Happy – It’s What We Do

Chris Hellebuyck
Chris Hellebuyck |

We want to thank you for being our customer.  Everything we do is about trying to help our customers succeed and we are only truly happy when we can exceed your expectations.

Everything we do as a company, we do with our customer’s best interests at heart.

Our South Florida team is truly dedicated to your online success.  I recently received this testimonial, and I just wanted to share it with you.  Thank you Chris!  Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts.

Hi 3dcart, I just wanted to say I love 3dcart and that you guys have absolutely changed my entire perspective on designing and selling on your own website. I was referred to you by my uncle who found you guys many years before I did. I still remember when I asked him where his website is hosted and he said “3dcart” and I asked why, and he said “I’ve tried a lot of different methods to sell online, and I’ve tried hosting my website with many other companies and I finally found the right company this time”.

I had no idea what he meant until I was 2 years deep into web site building and ecommerce. Now I can only imagine what he went through before find a platform like 3dcart.  I’ve always thought of 3dcart as the “Apple of ecommerce”.  I can’t think of many companies that ALWAYS seem to solve my problem.

We will hopefully be getting our 3rd website up and running with 3dcart by the end of the year but and it’s not a even a question of where we would go to build it.  I always found it amusing that every time I meet someone that has used 3dcart, they always say that 3dcart is a million times better than ANY other shopping cart. Anyways, sorry for the long email.  I’m just the type of person that has to let you know when I’m really happy about something. Thanks again for the great customer service!


Chris Hellebuyck |

No Chris, thank you!  It is customers like you that inspire us to do what we do.  Happy selling, and whenever you need us, we’re here.


New In the 3dcart App Store: Sales & Orders for Google Shopping

Sales   Orders   Google Shopping Ad Management   3dcart App Store

3dcart is happy to introduce our newest App Store partner, Sales & Orders.

The Sales & Orders application is the easiest way for store owners to track and monitor SKU Level or Product Level performance of Google Shopping Campaigns.  With a store owner’s interest in trying out Sales & Orders, they receive a dedicated AdWords Certified Profitability Coach who will assist in setting up and linking all Google Channels (Merchant Center, AdWords, Analytics) and creating Google approved product data feeds.

Upon completion of the initial setup, store owners can really begin to take advantage of the Sales & Orders app which tracks product level advertisement performance, measures profit & loss based on actual campaign margins and utilizes algorithm-driven CPC suggestion tools to reduce ad waste.  By partnering with Sales & Orders, online store owners are able to remove the headache involved in trying to decipher complicated AdWords terminology & functionality and, instead, actually focus on increasing profit and reducing loss at the SKU level.  Sign up for a free 15 day trial.


4 Tell & 3dcart – Conversion, Personalization & You

I recently had the opportunity to host a webinar featuring Amy Weissfeld from 4-Tell and Ken Hammond from Shockoe Commerce Group.  4-Tell offers “Next Generation Personalization”, and I can honestly say – having been in the eCommerce business now for over 20 years that personalization is the future of eCommerce.

Many merchants evolve to a plateau, where no matter how hard they try, they cannot lift their sales.  The most effective way to lift your sales to the next level is to get your customers to spend more!!!

Watch this very informative webinar where Amy shows just how 4-Tell does this, and they even offer a 10X Return On Investment Guarantee.  Learn more about it in the webinar.

Ken Hammond represents Shockoe Commerce, a happy 4-Tell customer who will also show you how 4-Tell has increased their sales.  Learn more about 4-Tell Today:


Pinterest for Ecommerce: 8 Tips to Market Your Brand Well

Yes, social media is definitely taking up a huge portion of the ecommerce pie. It’s playing a major role in the online shopping arena. But there are plenty of e-businesses that have yet to discover how to maximize the playing field. More often than not, majority of brands are focused mainly on Facebook and Twitter. These days, Instagram’s quickly catching up.

If you’ve already been marketing on these platforms for quite some time now, it’s time to give another one a shot. In particular, online stores should be utilizing Pinterest because it’s primarily visual and will be greatly appropriate for your purposes.

To get you started, simply open a business account at Pinterest and follow these 8 amazing tips for marketing: More…


10 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Supercharge Your eCommerce Store for Success

Online Shopping Flat Illustration Concept

The eCommerce marketplace is a large and ever-growing swath that sees thousands of new entrants each day. According to, between the years 2002-2013, eCommerce sales ballooned from just $72 billion to a staggering $322 billion per year. They are estimated to increase exponentially in the short years that lie ahead, as mobile shopping truly takes force. Anyone with motivation, a computer, an internet connection and something to sell can hop on the eCommerce bandwagon and become a part of the e-retailer revolution. The difference between scoring sweet sales time and time again and just blending into the rest of the mix, however, depends upon a number of underlying factors. Use these top-10 suggestions to supercharge your online store for success.  More…

The following article has been contributed to 3dcart.


Getting Personal With Your Customers

Generally, online shoppers prefer a more intimate shopping setting, with no checkout lines and no pushy salespeople. But that doesn’t mean online shoppers don’t want or appreciate a personalized touch from their online retailer. In fact, almost 50% of people would rather shop on a site that offers personalized product recommendations.

So how can you personalize your customer’s interaction with your online business? The answer is simple: newsletters. Email newsletters are an efficient way to customize the shopping experience for a large group of customers simultaneously.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons newsletters are important. Newsletters help: More…


Webinar: Conversion, Personalization & You

Retailers of all sizes spend thousands of dollars on search engine marketing, and yet 98% of visitors leave a site without buying anything. Personalization is key to effectively capturing, converting and re-engaging shoppers to boost conversion and sales.

Please join 4-Tell, 3dcart’s exclusive product recommendation vendor, to learn how to easily implement personalization in your 3dcart store. Add to mobile and email for an even greater increase in sales, conversion and average order values.

You’ll also hear from Ken Hammond, Customer Experience Manager for Shockoe Commerce Group. He’s responsible for three 3dcart websites and all use 4-Tell: Yoga Direct, Yoga Accessories and BestinSoles. He’ll share his experience and the results of 4-Tell’s impact to his businesses.

It’s easier, less expensive and more effective than you think – plus it’s been tested and proven by more than 50 3dcart merchants!


Click Here to Register Today!


Merchant Spotlight: Stockade Wood and Craft Supply

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the inspiration behind the birth of Stockade.

My parents got into the craft industry by making and selling wooden toys at craft fairs back in the late 70s. As the company grew they began selling toys to wholesale markets and even exported them overseas. The company expanded further when they began selling the individual wood parts to people making their own toys. From this a craft supply company was created which eventually became Stockade Wood and Craft Supply. In 1988 Stockade moved from Salmon Arm, British Columbia to a more central Canadian location in Guelph, Ontario. More…


Merchant Spotlight: Pure Crafted Beds

Pure Crafted Beds™ are hand-crafted using only the finest materials available on the market today. Each bed and mattress topper are treated with EcoShield™, an all-organic treatment.  Utilizing a 3dcart shopping platform, Greg  Beuerle states:

Pure Crafted Beds is our first attempt at selling online, and we couldn’t have done it without 3dcart!  Our site has undergone major modifications from the template we initially chose, and we continue to make almost daily tweaks to it. 

A family operation, located in Lansing Michigan, Beuerle continues that:  we are in our 3rd generation now of family working for the business.  We are a small factory that produces extremely high quality mattresses.  Quality, value, and customer service have allowed us to keep going after almost 70 years now! and praises the excellent customer service personnel at 3dcart whom have been invaluable in answering questions along the way while making the website functional.

Of special note concerning Pure Crafted Beds is the EcoShield™ cover — using an all-natural plant extract (geraniol) to defend against bed bugs and dust mites.  In addition, Greg wishes to offer a promotion good until August 15 for the 3dcart community.  Receive an Amazon Gift Card Up to $100!  Go here to view the promotion.

Do you have a story you’d like to share with us?  We’d love to feature your 3dcart store!  Tells us your story!