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3dcart Search Engine Optimization Webinar

This Thursday, March 7 at 2PM Eastern Time, the Search Marketing Experts at 3dcart will be hosting a webinar entitled “Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals – Things You Must Know”.

We will be discussing the basics on what you need to do to improve your Search Engine Ranking.  We’ll also discuss the latest trends, and activities you should be doing to help improve your search engine rankings.

With the costs of Pay Per Click advertising constantly increasing, it is more and more important for E-Commerce store owners to invest their time and resources into optimizing their own websites.  We’ll show you some of the tips and best practices to help ensure that you are getting the best benefit on your Search Engine Optimization initiatives.

Click Here to register.


Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals Meetup

This Friday (January 25, 2013) from 3 PM – 5 PM, 3dcart will be hosting a “Search Engine Optimization” Meetup here in our Fort Lauderdale, FL office.  Click this link to learn more about our Meetup

Our meetup will be in our new Training Center here in South Florida.  Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • The latest changes to the Google Search algorithm.
  • Why social media is becoming more important than ever.
  • How to leverage social media to improve your store’s organic ranking.
  • The importance of correcting old “black hat” search optimization from the past.
  • And more!

Light snacks and refreshments will be served.  If you’re in the area, come visit us!  You do not have to be a 3dcart customer to attend.

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


Facebook Graph Search: What Online Businesses Need To Know

graph search

This week Facebook revealed ‘Graph Search‘, a new feature that lets users   search the interests, location, and preferences of your friends. For instance, a Facebook user could search for “Clothing Stores my friends like” and receive a list of Facebook business pages of clothing storess, online and retail, that their friends either checked in, liked, or recommended.

As said, “Graph search takes the recommendation power of Yelp and combines it with Facebook’s tremendous social graph to make it more important for businesses to cater to their Facebook fans and brick-and-mortar customers.”

Facebook Graph Search

Up until now, social search was an ideal that Google and others have attempted to foster. While Google+ offers traditional SEO value for businesses, the limited user activity & cannot provide the data context needed for social search to work.  Facebook, however, has over 1 billion users,  240 billion photos and more than a trillion connections.

Facebook Graph Search is rolling out slowly. But is safe to say that social search is here.

Now here is what merchants need to do to prepare:

1) Emphasize local – Right now graph search heavily favors local brick & mortar businesses , as it works more like a Yelp than Google. However, that does not mean your online store can’t rank. Add your physical location to your business page and ask your local friends and family to all like, recommend, and check-in to your store. You can promote your store’s location further by showing your city some love and offer special shipping rates for local orders.

2) Get Liked – As Social Media Today pointed out,  that graph search could make page likes more important again, as results show what friends have liked each page. Now is the time to run social contest to increase likes and up engagement.

3) Add Facebook Connect – While individual Facebook posts and Open Graph actions (like when a user connects with your store to leave a comment, post a product, or share a deal) are not included  - the company says they’re coming. 3dcart merchants can easily integrate Facebook Connect to your store. 

4) Sponsor Results: Advertising is going to be very much a part of Graph Search.  Or as Facebook says it, ”sponsored results allow you to promote results in the search bar and will appear whether or not users have Graph Search.”



Holiday Webinar Lineup: Adwords, Pinterest, FraudWatch, 3dcartUpsell


Melissa Frias Joins 3dcart Marketing Team

The 3dcart Marketing team is proud to announce its newest member, Melissa Frias. With more than five years of online marketing experience, Melissa brings a new dynamic to 3dcart’s team of expert team of search engine optimization, pay per click and social media marketing. Melissa’s background in analysis-based marketing strategies will help bolster 3dcart’s online marketing service offerings and bring a new dynamic to its expanding list of clients.

Melissa considers herself “very analytical” and finds this to be her greatest strength in SEO, which requires endless research and reporting. Her career in SEO began with an internship in which she spearheaded a grassroots marketing campaign for an online apparel shop. There, Melissa did extensive research on search engine signals and implemented SEO strategies to gauge their effect on the site’s rankings. The results: Melissa was hooked on SEO (oh, and the site performed much better in search results, too). Melissa holds a Communications degree from Florida Atlantic University but continues to study SEO best practices as she considers it an “evolving” field.

Since her initial experiments with SEO, Melissa has gone on to work as an in-house SEO for an online boutique shop and as as an SEO strategist for a full-service marketing agency in which she performed high-end SEO services to personal injury lawyers in a very competitive keyword space.

In her spare time, Melissa likes to read and learn about the world of fashion, which comes in especially handy when blogging and doing social media for clients whose markets revolve around apparel and accessories.

Melissa now looks forward to taking on the new challenge of SEO and PPC in ecommerce, and is excited about working for a company whose team environment “nurtures a camaraderie and dialogue which ultimately helps improve clients’sites.”

Joe Palko is the CMO of 3dcart. Prior to joining 3dcart in 2011, Joe was a true internet pioneer co-founding his first e-commerce website in 1994 which later sold to America's largest mail order pet supply retailer in 2007. Joe also co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, which was later sold to the Group in 2009.


SEO How-To: Changing Your Title Tag on Your Homepage

Recently, one of our customers asked us the following question.  We’ve changed the product, and store name to protect anonymity.

Is there a way to keep the store name that is listed in the header section but not have it be the first word in the meta title…for example my meta title shows up as:

<title>My 3dcart Store Name – Widgets | Flavored Widgets | Company Name</title>

I’m trying to use the search “Widgets” when optimizing for search engines. I think it would be better for Widgets to be listed first however if I remove the My 3dcart Store Name, it removes it from the Contact Page.

Does this really matter…I used to show up for widgets s in Position 30 on Google and now I’m in the 200′s and I’m not sure how to remedy.

Thank you,
Brenda H.

Hi Brenda,

Thanks for writing to us here at the 3dcart Search Marketing Department. By default, the 3dcart Online Store Manager is pulling those fields dynamically from your “Store Settings”, but you can override that title by going to:

Settings – Design – Titles and Content – Home Page

3dcart Homepage TitleTag

On that page, where it says “Page Title”, you can remove those “tags” and create your own Title.

You should also consider rewriting your meta description…

<META NAME=”DESCRIPTION” CONTENT=”Widgets in Timbucktwo : Buy scented widgets, handmade widgets, soy widgets, pure widgets, wholesale widgets, widget fundraisers, widget divorce favors in Timbucktwo, XYZ Widgets are hand crafted using 100% melted widgets and scented with the finest widget oils. They display cleanly and provide hours of joy”.

That is too spammy. You really should just reuse “description content” from your homepage for your meta description… For Example…

<META NAME=”DESCRIPTION” CONTENT=”XYZ Widgets were inspired by the beauty of the Timbuktwo River and a personal love of creating handmade widgets. Our widgets are hand crafted in Getalife, Timbuktwo using 100% natural widget oils”.

We hope this helps…

Please let us know if you have any other questions…



Friday Funny: Can I PLEASE Have A Link?

Happy Friday! At the end of the week, everyone needs a good giggle and a little reminder that creating valuable content is the best link-building strategy.

content marketing funny

Comic Author: Unknown/ via @abovethefold


FusionBot Webinar: Increase conversions with intuitive navigation!

Over 60% of all visitors are search dominant, that is, they go straight to the search box when visiting a site. Further, usability studies show the most important factor of an effective web site is intuitive navigation.

So, how do you address these needs?

FusionBot’s faceted search and navigation solution is quite simply THE most effective solution you can implement on your site to enhance your site’s navigation, resulting in an increase in conversion of visitors into customers, all at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions.

During the webinar we’ll discuss:

  • How to seamless integrate our faceted search into your site using transparent DNS or Ajax based implementations
  • How to take advantage of product attributes to display faceted (filters) categories for narrowing search results, or browsing (navigating) a site based on user selected criteria
  • Advanced search features such as: Auto-complete (search as you type), search preview, spell-check (did you mean), custom ranking, synonyms, word-stemming, stop words, and more!
  • Review real-time search analytics (automated feedback mechanism)
  • Learn how your search box becomes an automated SEO tool
  • …And more!

 or click here

When: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT / 11AM Pacific

To learn more about 3dcart & FusionBot, click here:


How To Dominate The First Page Of Your Brand’s Google Search

Have you ever Googled your name or your business’ name? If you saw any random results unrelated to you and your business, you might be thinking that there is no way to knock those pages off the front page.

Luckily, analyzed over 130K users and millions of Google results to showcase how people look in Google and which profiles rank the highest. And what they’ve found could help you and your business own the front-page of Google.

Profiles that you should create for you and your personal brand today:

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn profiles ranked higher than any other network
  • WordPress: If you’re looking to create a blog, use WordPress. It outranked Tumblr and Blogger.
  • Vimeo: While your videos may get more views because of Youtube’s popularity, Vimeo ranks higher in Google.
  • Flickr – If you want your photos to show up on the first page, use Flickr over other options like Photobucket.
Want to Look Better in Google? Better Read This First



The Content Marketing Explosion

Even before the area of eCommerce, marketing and sales departments used content marketing to sell their products through customer testimonials, pamphlets, flyers, etc. The written word has always helped businesses educate the buyer and now that all of that information is easily accessible and sharable online, the power of content marketing has exploded! Customers are empowered to research your products and business on their own instead of you having to find them on a street corner & pass information along.

The new power content marketing holds caused marketers to term a new name for the content marketing revolution – “inbound marketing.”  Inbound marketing uses content to “making yourself easy to be found and drawing customers to your website by producing content customers value”. In outbound marketing ( like flyers, pamphlets, advertising etc) you are having to go after your customers, hunt them down and interrupt whatever a potential customer is  doing to pitch them, essentially outbound efforts bothers customers in hopes that your products appeal to the customer enough for them not to be annoyed. Inbound marketing helps your site be found by pre-qualified interested customer, customers come to you. As Hubspot puts it, “you need to set your website up like a “hub” for your industry that attracts visitors naturally through search engines, the blogosphere, and social media.”

The infographic below shares some interesting statistics about the shift in online marketing from outbound to inbound like 90% of B2B marketers use content marketing! If you need help getting your content, blog, or social media up to par, remember the experts at 3dcart are more than happy to help. Read more on SEO & content services here: