NewGoogleShoppingServiceWith 82% of consumers relying on search engines like Google to compare products and prices, it’s no surprise that Google Shopping ads continue to grow increasingly popular with each passing year. In fact, according to 2015 research, retailers spent 47% more on Google Shopping ads in 2015, and 6% less on text ads, than they did in 2014.

With growth like this, it’s evident that images are more important than ever – for consumers and businesses alike. If you’re not familiar with Google Shopping ads, they’re the large ads that appear at the top of Google search engine result pages. Unlike an AdWords ad, which is keyword-based, a Google Shopping ad displays information such as a product image, title, price, promotional message, and website address.

Google Shopping campaigns help merchants boost sales through increased online visibility, with their products occupying prime real-estate space on coveted search engine result pages. Research suggests that by using Shopping ads, businesses can experience a 200% clickthrough rate – a number that continues to climb.

To help businesses easily capitalize on this proven and widely-effective marketing strategy, 3dcart is releasing a new managed Google Shopping service.

Ideal for businesses of all sizes, the new service is launching with four price-tiers:

  • Google Shopping ads Express for $249.99/month: $150 ad spend/100 product limit
  • Google Shopping ads Starter for $449.99/month: $300 ad spend/1,000 product limit
  • Google Shopping ads Premium for $999.99/month: $$700 ad spend/5,000 product limit
  • Google Shopping ads Enterprise (custom pricing): 20% management fee of monthly ad spend/no product limit

Take a look at some of the many features all plans will include:

  • Specialized campaign creation and structuring
  • Mobile Google Shopping optimization
  • Google Analytics setup for tracking
  • Setup of AdWords account
  • Google AdWords conversion tracking setup
  • Email updates on changes made
  • Product landing page review and analysis

As an added bonus, 3dcart is offering merchants $100 AdWords credit with the subscription of any plan.

To learn more about 3dcart’s managed Google Shopping service, visit